6 Signs That You Might Need Glasses

If you have been lucky enough to boast 20-20 vision up until now – congratulations! Unfortunately, as you age, there is a higher chance that your eyesight may not quite be what it once was. There are numerous signs to watch out for that all indicate that a visit to the optometrist is in order. Read all about them below.

6 signs you need glasses


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Squinting, often subconsciously, in an attempt to see better is usually one of the first signs that your vision is starting to deteriorate.

Squinting is an instinctive response because it helps to reduce the amount of light that is allowed to enter the eye and, therefore, may help to make an object or writing appear clearer for a few seconds at a time.

However, it is little more than a temporary fix and can result in a wide array of other symptoms, including headaches and eye strain. 

Tired eyes

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Speaking of eye strain, your eyes are likely to feel ‘tired’ or sore at the end of the day when your eyesight is no longer what it should be. It is hard work trying to see all day, every day, after all! Sometimes, eye strain or pain can be caused by other factors, such as sleep deprivation or allergies. Give it a few days and make sure that you see an optometrist if it persists.

Blurry vision

Blurred vision and headache

Blurry or hazy vision is a dead giveaway that you might need glasses. It is a sure-fire sign that your eyesight is no longer ‘perfect,’ but you shouldn’t let this worry you.

Glasses or contact lenses will quickly rectify the problem and allow you to see clearly again. In the future, you will also have the option to consider various laser eye surgery treatments. If you do opt for glasses, then rest assured that they have now become something of a fashion accessory!

Regular headaches

Squinting and eye strain can lead to frequent headaches. People with astigmatism or those who are farsighted are usually more likely to suffer from headaches when they require glasses.

While these types of headaches may appear suddenly and last for short periods of time, they can also linger all day long and present as a dull ache that can gradually worsen as the day goes on.

Rubbing your eyes

rubbing eyes

Many people with poor eyesight will rub their eyes frequently. However, itchy eyes and eye rubbing can be attributed to a number of other conditions and issues, too, including allergic conjunctivitis or an eye infection. Either way, a trip to the optometrist is sure to help solve the problem.

Holding a book too close or too far away

Do you ever find that you are holding books very close to your face, much closer than you used to? Perhaps you notice that you are holding them at arm’s length because the text is easier for you to see when it is further away? These are both indications that you require glasses. You may also notice that you get a headache when reading for long periods of time.


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