How to Build a Healthy Home for Your Struggling Family Member

Healthy homes are beautiful, clean, and supportive. A healthy home is for everyone, but if someone you love is struggling with an addiction or even a mental health illness, your home needs to be more than just clean. It needs to be a safe place that supports their recovery in multiple ways.

Planning an intervention is best done when you create a structured roadmap for their recovery. You might not be involved with the entire process, but you are going to be there. A great way to be supportive is to work to improve your home or even to relocate to a healthier environment while they are working on their addiction with a professional.

With everyone on board and with a new life available throughout their recovery, you can help support and monitor their progress for the best results, but first you’ll want to update or find a home that offers:

how to build a healthy home for family

A Clean, Organized Environment

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Go through and declutter your home, or if you decide moving to a healthier environment is best, be very critical about what you bring with you. Clutter can feel like it is pressing in and makes it more difficult to keep your home tidy. Remove it and enjoy a more organized environment that can promote stability for your loved one.

A Healthy Atmosphere

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Next you will want to work on improving the atmosphere of the home.

1.     Bright Light

Work on bringing in as much natural light as possible. If there aren’t a lot of windows, use mirrors and light surfaces to reflect light and brighten every room.

2.     Clean Air

Clean air can be achieved with air filtration units and through air-purifying plants.

Invest in Healthy Hobbies to Do Right at Home

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The best way to help your loved one on their road to recovery is to help them adopt healthier habits and hobbies. This, along with their own recovery plan designed by a therapist, can help keep them clean.

1.     Gardening

Gardening is a very good hobby

to pick up as it keeps your hands busy, helps you get outside, and is typically very rewarding.

2.     Cooking

Go through the effort of cooking meals together from scratch. The effort is well worth it, the food is healthier, and it is a great time to bond together.

Find Local Community Events, Groups, and Organizations

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Healthy hobbies need to replace old ones, which is why you should work with your loved one’s therapist or recovery center to find healthy alternatives. From a walking group, to a local sports team, there are so many ways to get out there, be healthy, and connect with people. Help by finding local organizations near your home or new location.

Moving your loved one back in with you, or even finding a new place to live that you can then do up and make into a healthy environment is key. The last thing you want is for the environment, or the people you loved one new, to trigger a relapse. Instead you want to offer your loved one a fresh start with you right by their side working to lead a healthier, happier life.

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