5 Benefits of Using a Digital Smart Lock?

Last Updated on December 15, 2023 by Jason Nguyen

Do you always lose your keys? Are you constantly afraid of putting your key somewhere near the door and losing it or, worse, a robber finding it and using it to have access to your house?

While padlocks have been used for centuries, it’s no longer a secure way to keep your house safe from robbers and thieves. This is not even mentioning how you can duplicate your key these days, giving other people access to your home, which is not really a good idea unless you trust that person completely.

Enter smart locks. Smart locks are digital, meaning there are several ways to open them without the risk of others giving others access.

A few ways to open it are through voice activation and your smartphone. It’s very convenient, and many people are now changing the locks on their homes and offices. But what are the benefits of using a digital smart lock?

Here are some of them.

Lock and Unlock Your Door Through Your Phone

Every one of us has experienced getting locked out of the house or office at least once. It’s a very frustrating thing to experience. To prevent it in the future, people create a spare key, which, of course, can be harmful in various situations.

This is even not mentioning the amount of money you have to dish out just to create duplicate copies of your key. And it’s also quite hard to manage, especially since keys are small and might be lost in your bag, car, house, etc.

But with a digital smart lock, you no longer have to worry about losing your keys. But just in case, locksmiths nowadays can also fix and unlock your digital smart locks if you’re having trouble with it. Luckily, there are a lot of them nowadays, especially online.

However, if you’re in an emergency and are looking for someone to fix it quickly, there are a lot of locksmiths that you can call in your local area. Every area has at least one or two locksmiths you can call on if you can’t call the manufacturer of your digital lock.

But if you happen to be abroad, say, Australia, you can go to the nearest locksmith in your area. For example, if you want to either duplicate your keys or get into your digital smart locks that’s been acting up, look for the best Perth locksmith for a fast and immediate fix with any lock-related concerns.

Instead, your smartphone will be the key, and when you want to go inside the house, you can pull up the app and open the door automatically. What’s great is that you can even lock and unlock the door remotely. Some digital smart locks can even notify you if someone is trying to open your door if it is left unlocked.

Assign Different Passcodes

The most common method of opening digital smart locks is through a passcode. Of course, you have to remember your passcode, which you can write into a document that you can read later if you happen to forget your passcode. But what about the other people in the house? Of course, for them to also have access, they should know the passcode.

Moreover, you can up the ante by creating a passcode for each house resident. Just imagine if one of your family members happens to mention the passcode to your house and a stranger hears it. If your passcode is only one, they might easily have access to your house, but with multiple, they will have a hard time opening the door.

It Can Notify You

As mentioned earlier, one of the notifications your digital smart lock can notify you about is if someone is forcefully trying to open the door. Some apps can even contact the police immediately if this is the case. However, that’s not all.

Some apps can incorporate the CCTVs in your house, so you will be notified who is opening and closing the lock and can also see the person doing it. Of course, this adds another layer of security since robbers and thieves tend to avoid houses with cameras inside the property.

It Can Connect with Other Gadgets

As mentioned earlier, digital smart locks can connect to your CCTVs if you have one on your porch, but that’s not all. You can incorporate other gadgets in your house into your digital smart lock app, like doorbell cameras, thermometers, etc.

With complete control of the security of your house, you don’t have to worry about your house being unprotected while you’re away since you can constantly check on it through your smartphone.

Control Your Lock Through Your Voice

As we said in the beginning, you can lock and unlock your digital smart lock through your voice. With the advent of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home, many aspects of our lives have become more simplified, including house security.

These smart speakers have access to your thermometer, stove, and TVs, and they can also access your digital smart lock, which you can control through your voice. Are you carrying a lot of grocery bags? Ask Alexa to open the door for you.

Feeling drunk and can’t open the door properly? Make Siri open the door for you. It’s all about convenience, and a digital smart lock can help you.

Final Words

Digital smart locks are beneficial, even with the mundane task of opening the door for you. And while many people are still using the classic padlock nowadays, you don’t have to go medieval and still use keys. With just the simple press of a button, you can make your house more secure than it is already.

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