Gardening and Plant Care Review Board

gardening plant care review board

The Gardening and Plant Care Review Board helps ensure all gardening advice and plant care recommendations on Farm Food Family meet our high editorial standards for accuracy and reliability.

Review Board Members

Our Review Board consists of experienced gardeners, horticulturalists, botanists, and urban farmers who generously volunteer their expertise.

kimberly crawford

Kimberly Crawford

Executive Editor, Landscape Architecture

With over 15 years of experience working on organic farms and developing farm-to-table initiatives, Kimberly is an expert in local food systems, regenerative agriculture, and agroecology. As both a landscape architect and agroecologist, she brings a holistic perspective to her work promoting context-specific, ecologically-sound food production systems.

Which Topics Are Reviewed

Any articles discussing gardening techniques, plant care instructions, landscaping projects, pest/disease management, or other plant-related advice is reviewed.

This includes vegetable gardening, houseplants, lawns, orchards, ornamental plants, and agricultural practices.

We also review plant profiling with details on plant varieties, optimal growing conditions, and uses.

Article Life Cycle

  1. The writer researches and drafts gardening or plant-focused articles.
  2. Article submitted to Review Board for pre-publish fact check.
  3. Reviewers provide feedback on inaccuracies, objections, omissions, etc.
  4. Writer resolves feedback directly with reviewers and finalize edits based on recommendations.
  5. Reviewed article published on Farm Food Family.

How Do I Know if an Article Was Reviewed?

Any plant or garden focused articles that have passed our review process are clearly marked with: “Reviewed by” at the top of the post. This indicates the high level of accuracy and reliability our reviewers helped establish prior to publication to meet our editorial standards.

The voluntary participation of our Review Board keeps plant information ethical, responsible, and aligned with academic consensus. We are grateful for their dedication to factual, evidence-based content our readers can trust.

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