4 Common Roof Problems And How To Fix Them

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You can’t deny the fact that your home’s roof is easily its most important structure. Not taking care of your roof could lead to serious problems becoming manifest. Roof repairs do not usually cost a lot of money but total replacements cost a small fortune. Poor maintenance nearly always leads to replacements becoming necessary.

If you are a homeowner then it is your responsibility and duty to take care of your roof; nobody else is going to do it for you. This post will tell you about four of the most common problems so if they emerge you can fix them right away.

1.    Attic Leaks

One problem that has the potential to destroy your home and significantly reduce its value is an attic leak. Most people’s attic leaks go undetected until they begin causing serious damage. Attic leaks are not likely resolvable independently.

Instead, you will probably have to hire a roofer to fix yours for you. Whether you are looking for a company offering commercial roofing in Chicago IL or Los Angeles CA reviews need to be taken into consideration. An organization’s reviews can make determining how effective and productive they are much easier. Bear in mind that a total absence of reviews is not an indication a company can’t be trusted. A lack of reviews can be a good sign. Most people only review companies when they have something bad to say. No reviews mean nothing has gone wrong.

The reason you can’t fix attic leaks yourself is that the holes that cause them have to be professionally patched up and worked on; if they are not then the leak can reoccur and further damage can be caused. The only time it is safe for you to undertake attic leak repairs yourself is if you are a trained roofer or are being supervised by one.

2.    Gutter Blockages

Another issue that can become very problematic if left unchecked is a gutter blockage. You might think blockages are harmless but this is not true. A gutter blockage that’s not resolved quickly can lead to water backing up and leaking into your house and attic. If water is able to get inside your home’s structure then it can lead to widespread dampness; unchecked dampness gives mold the opportunity to grow. Mold growth can be very bad for your health and exposure often results in illness and injury.

The minute you notice your gutters are blocked get out a ladder and begin clearing them out. You can safely clear your gutters yourself, however, if you are not confident ascending to your roof or if the weather’s bad then hire a professional gutter cleaning service to do it for you. Bear in mind that a backed-up gutter will also cause water to spill over into your garden or front yard. Puddles of water can attract pests as they provide places for them to drink from.

loose tiles roof

3.    Loose Tiles

Loose tiles can be very dangerous. If one of your roof’s tiles dislodges it could potentially fall to the ground and hit a pedestrian that is walking underneath it. In such situations you would be held legally responsible and as such would be ordered to pay the injured person compensation. The amount of compensation you would legally owe would depend upon the person’s injuries. For obvious reasons, a claim against you is best avoided. Keeping the tiles on your roof in good order is not difficult at all. Every so often you should use a ladder to climb onto your roof so you can perform an inspection.

Another danger associated with loose tiles is that they provide water as an entry point into your home. If it is raining very heavily outside, loose tiles make leaks more likely. Another threat to consider is pests like birds. If you have holes in your roof then they can easily get into your attic and build tests. Bird nests in your house can cause moth infestations and make your home unhygienic. If you suspect you do have nesting birds in your attic then call a pest removal service and do not attempt to get them out yourself.

4.    Gradual Deterioration

Over time your roof will begin to deteriorate and problems will become more frequent. Your roof’s gradual deterioration is a natural part of its lifespan. By taking better care of it you will be able to reduce the speed with which it deteriorates. It should be noted however, gradual deterioration is not something you can fight back against. As your roof gets older and problems become more frequent your only option will be to get it replaced; keeping a roof that is unsafe or not in good enough condition to provide adequate protection to your house is a very bad decision and will inevitably lead to problems.

If you do need to replace your roof then you should find a reliable contractor to work with; it is also important to create a budget. As you may know, roof replacements are not cheap. You will be pleased to learn that in most cases roof replacements can be paid for monthly rather than all at once. Monthly repayments towards the cost of your roof refitting will allow you to break down the cost and save yourself money. You will need good credit in order to finance your roof refitting and interest will be owed.

Finding Reliable Contractors

The importance of finding reliable contractors to work with cannot be stressed enough. As specified clearly above the best way to determine a contractor’s suitability is to read their reviews. Under no circumstances should you hire a contractor with bad reviews and a poor reputation. Such contractors are trouble and can never provide you with the quality of care that you need. Reliable contractors are easy to find. One good way of locating them is by using trade directories and ensuring that you only ever work with contractors that have proper licenses.

Just because the roof repairs listed here are common does not for a second mean they are simple; most require a professional’s intervention and support. Unless you have experience fixing roofs it’s unlikely you will be able to make repairs to yours. If you are not confident repairing your roof then do not attempt to. Making repairs when you do not know what you are doing can make things worse. Many homeowners have cost themselves unnecessarily large amounts of money trying to repair things independently.

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