20+ Creative Crochet Cupcake Stitch Free Patterns

Crochet is basically a craft which helps to create scarves, blankets, baby cloths, shawls or other household items using wool or cotton. A special curved needle with a hook or a curve at its end is used to crochet.

You can just use simple stitching techniques to create a delightful crochet cupcake that everyone will love. Once you learn how to make crochet cupcakes, you will make them repeatedly and you will always have a go-to gift for someone on different, special occasions.

With crochet cupcakes, you can make blankets that are both warm and soothing. While little babies will love their new blanket, mommies will receive a lot of praises for themselves.

Use a light combination of colours while making a crochet cupcake as it will make it look much brighter and more beautiful. To make a perfect cupcake crochet, here are the materials that you will require.

  • 3.5mm curved hook
  • Fine yarn that matches the hook size.

best crochet cupcake stitch patterns 2

Add Cherries to Cupcake

Make around eight or nine different cherries to match each of your cupcakes. If you wish to hang your garland under an arch or in a place where both the back and front of your cupcakes will be visible, you may need to make cherries for the other side of all your cupcakes. If you don’t feel like crocheting the cherries for the other side of your cupcakes, you can also glue red pom-poms or buttons to your cupcake.

Also, make sure that you decorate your cupcakes. Many people mainly choose rainbow mini pom-pom sprinkles or washable fabric glue to do so.

Crochet Techniques

There are many simple and advanced crochet techniques that you can follow to create many different free patterns for making cupcakes. There are some basic stitches that you need to learn before creating any of them. Here are the different techniques that are very useful to create these cupcake patterns:

  • Single Crochet
  • Double Crochet
  • Half Double Crochet
  • Double Crochet
  • Treble Crochet

Crochet Cupcake Stitch Free Patterns

Here is a list of 20 latest designs and patterns that you will surely love. Every single design has been made up using one or more of the above-mentioned techniques. Make sure that you innovate and design your cupcakes using different crochet ideas of stitching and weaving.

1. Basic Cupcake Stitch

1 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Make single crochet stitches for the outline and for the cupcake, and double crochet stitch connect the interior part of the cupcake. Choose bright colours like pink, white and brown to create the basic cupcake crochet pattern.


2. Small Cupcake Stitch

2 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

These small patterns are a perfect way to cover your household items. You can also attach it with any cloth or woollen fabric using single or double stitching.

Source: pysselnabon, favecrafts

3. Crochet Cupcake Purse

3 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Create small cupcake patterns and you can create a complete cupcake designed purse for yourself. Using different innovative techniques, you can invent any type of pattern according to your wish.


4. Crochet Cupcake Scarf

4 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Use this Cupcake pattern on your scarf with the help of stitching and crochet.


5. Cupcake Pattern Cap

5 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

This is an amazing idea which your children are going to love. You can also use different bright colors like white, or yellow.


6. Crochet Curly Cupcake

6 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

This is an innovative design with patterns that everyone will love and it’s perfect for home décor as well.


7. Crochet Cupcake with Frosting

7 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Every home needs a beautiful decoration on the kitchen table. We present you the smiling crochet cupcake with swirl frosting which is beautiful.


8. Sprinkled Crochet Doughnut

8 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Everyone loves doughnuts. Design your very own crochet doughnut using beads or bright coloured woollen dots.


9. 2-Layered Crochet Cupcake

9 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Use red for the cherries on the top, pink for the frosting and brown on the interior layer. You can also add a third layer of pink in the centre.


10. Crochet Cupcakes with Frosting and Sprinkles

10 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

These patterns will look beautiful around the kitchen. Create different coloured frostings and the base of the cupcake according to your innovation.


11. Chocolate Crochet Cupcake with Frostings

11 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

To create chocolate crochet cupcakes, make sure to keep the base black or brown and add bright coloured frosting layers on the top to get that chocolaty effect.


12. Brownie or Muffin Crochet Cupcakes

12 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Keep these cupcakes simple and sober to give them the style of a muffin. Without any added decorations, these crochet cupcakes will look unique and attractive.


13. White Crochet Cupcakes

13 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

These round beautiful cupcakes patterns will look beautiful on a white background or on your white dining tablecloth.


14. Crochet Cupcake Birthday

14 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

With the help of stitch free patterns, you can design this basic single layered cake with white frosting and circular decorations.


15. Strawberry Crochet Cupcakes

15 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Use pink and brown wool with a white outline and a red woollen cherry to complete your strawberry flavoured crochet cupcake.


16. Christmas Deer Crochet Cupcake

16 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Christmas decorations are an important part of the holidays. These deer cupcakes will help you to decorate your house beautifully. Use a single color for the face and a darker shade of the same colour for the horns of your crochet deer cupcake.

Source: amigurumi, zancrochet

17. Crochet Cupcake Jar Cover

17 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

With the help of the crochet cupcake pattern you will be able to cover a jar or a bottle and make it much more beautiful. You can use the same technique to create larger cupcake patterns and cover other household items that you wish.


18. Crochet Cupcake KeyChain

18 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Create small and basic cupcake patterns to create attractive keychains.


19. Cute Dog Faced Crochet Cupcake

19 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

Use different colored fabrics to create a face for your cupcake and create a pretty little face using beads and wool.


20. Crochet Cupcake Party

20 crochet cupcake stitch patterns

With the help of all the innovative ideas and techniques, you will now be able to design or create any type of crochet cupcake party according to your liking.



best crochet cupcake stitch patterns 1

The art of creating cupcakes using crochet depends upon your imagination and creativity. Always make sure that you have all the right equipment and materials that you have in mind before starting.

There are countless ideas and patterns that you can choose from. Have fun and enjoy creating crochet cupcakes. We hope you find all of our examples creative and inspiring.

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