DIY Front Door Paper Wreath Ideas: Paper Magic

DIY Front Door Halloween Wreaths: Paper Magic tutorial

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

You don’t need a green thumb to cultivate this blossoming door decoration, right, but a nimble hand with the glue gun will certainly help.

The more perky paper petals you make, the larger this festive wreath will grow.


  • Black cardstock
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Cardboard
  • Cardboard tube (such as paper towel or toilet paper tube)
  • Patterned scrapbook paper
  • Decorative spider


From black cardstock, cut eighty to ninety 4×4-inch squares and ten to fifteen 3×3-inch squares. Form each square into a cone shape by folding opposite corners into each other and gluing together the overlapping edges.

Flatten the pointed end of each cone slightly to create a surface for gluing; this also adds dimension by making the cones bend slightly away from the base.

From sturdy cardboard, cut a 12-inch-diameter circle for the base of your wreath.

To create the wreath, glue paper cones to the cardboard circle, starting from the outer edge of the circle and working toward the middle.

Glue one full ring around the outer edge, then stagger the next ring of cones with those in the first ring, and layer the cones as you work toward the middle.

The finished look resembles the petals of a flower. Use the larger cones for most of the wreath, saving the smaller cones for the last one or two inner rings.
Continue adding cone petals to the cardboard base until there is a 4- to 5-inch-diameter circle remaining in the center.

Cut a piece of cardboard tube about 2–3 inches tall, and glue a cut end of the tube to the cardboard base in the middle of the wreath.

Cut patterned scrapbook paper into 2-inch-wide strips, and glue them end to end to create a strip that is about 20 inches long.

Accordion-fold the paper strip, and shape it into a pinwheel, gluing the ends together to secure. Glue a small circle of scrap cardboard to the back of the pinwheel, then glue the pinwheel to the top of the cardboard tube in the center of the wreath. Add additional small paper cones around the pinwheel as needed. Glue spider to the pinwheel center.
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DIY front door Halloween Wreaths Tutorial