6 Awesome Gifts for Golf Lovers

Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

If you are looking to improve your golf game, have some fun on the green, or spoil a special golfer in your life, then the list of the greatest golf gifts below should help you hit the sweet spot.

Pimp Your Ride

If you spend much time on a golf course, you’ll know how valuable a little golf cart can be, especially on larger courses and on warmer days. Golf cart upgrades not only make a statement; they also help in ensuring maximum convenience and comfort between holes.

When considering what to add or upgrade, take a look at some of the extremely popular accessories available today, and get behind the wheel of a cart you can be proud of.

Chipping Net

Being able to practice your shots and swings from anywhere other than a driving range or golf course is difficult. This is where a chipping net comes in.

Simply set this net up in a garden or open space of your choice and practice without the fear of injuring someone or losing your golf balls. If you want to get away with a bit of sneaky practice, set the net up indoors and chip away with foam golf balls.

Ball Holders

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Most golfers have had to deal with that sinking feeling that happens when shots sail right past their intended landing spot and into the water. Avoid having to dig for a new ball with a handy pro-style golf ball holder.

With most holding up to three balls at a time and featuring a simple quick-draw release system, you can quickly and easily continue with your game while still keeping your trousers dry.

Winter Gloves

Not all golfers have the chance to play when the weather is all sunshine and clear skies. Golfers who enjoy the odd game of golf in the cold season will know how the cold can affect our bodies and impact our game.

Keeping the chill out of your joints will help keep you limber and able to pull off some of the shots you’ve worked so hard on. Choosing the right pair of gloves will go a long way towards your comfort and ability to swing a club, so select gloves with a good grip, preferably with leather in the palms, and a good fleece backing.

Launch Monitors

Data is everything in our world today and using the data available at our fingertips to make micro-improvements is how many people are finding success both on and off the golf course.

Launch monitors can record and analyze the flight data of one of your shots and track it so that you can understand where you should focus on improving. With technology always progressing, sophisticated launch monitors are available at a fraction of the price they used to be, making them far more accessible to those serious about improving their game.

GPS Watch For the Course

Old Rangefinders are being used less and less frequently to calculate course distances and expertly plan shots, with newer GPS Smart Watches seeing a big surge in use. These portable, lightweight, and unobtrusive watches can accurately share information about yardage and speeds, and also include time management features.

More advanced devices include digital score cards, show locations of flag pins on a live digital map, and more. The convenience, and bragging rights, that these smart devices bring to the game are immeasurable, making this one of the best gifts for golfers available at the moment.

Whether you are a longtime links man, just starting, or shopping for a special golfer in your life, take a bit of time to consider what would be the most entertaining, or useful, purchase. Choosing the right gear could get you many more points on and off the green.