How to Prepare for Large Backyard Renovations

Last Updated on May 11, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Backyard renovations can be a big undertaking. Whether you’re looking to change the entire landscape of your yard or add in a large feature like a pool, you likely can’t just jump into the renovation.

You need to prepare yourself and your home for the renovation so that everything goes smoothly. If you’ve been wanting to perform a large renovation on your backyard, here are some steps to follow to help you prepare.

Start Budgeting

backyard budget

The first thing you should do is start thinking about the financial cost. Completely renovating a backyard costs money and most of us typically don’t have all that extra cash lying around.

To make affording your backyard renovation easier, you’ll want to start budgeting for it early. This means estimating how much the renovation is likely to cost, then saving up for it over time. Then, when it comes time to actually pay for the renovation, you won’t have to put as much on a credit card or take out a large loan. Even putting away a little bit of money each month can make a big difference when it comes time to renovate.

Design Your Backyard Renovations

The next step is to begin designing your backyard renovations. What is it you want to do? How do you want the yard to look when you’re done? A good place to start is by looking at some backyard ideas online.

See what other people have done with their yards to generate ideas for your own. You may come across some ideas that you didn’t even consider that you would love to add.

As you find ideas, save them somewhere and create a plan for your yard. You may need to alter this plan as you go along but having a blueprint to start from can help the process move along.

Talk to Multiple Renovators

The next thing you can do is start interviewing renovators. Find backyard renovators in your area and discuss your ideas with them. You can also ask them for suggestions and see what they recommend for your yard.

After formulating a plan with a renovator, ask them for a quote. You can then use this quote, along with other factors about the renovator such as their experience level and when they can do the job, to help you pick the right one.

Picking the right renovator can make a big difference in how smoothly the backyard renovation goes so be sure to take your time finding the best possible one in your area.

Plan for Large Obstacles

If your backyard has large obstacles in the way, you’ll want to formulate a plan for dealing with them. For example, you may have a large tree in the middle of your yard where you want to put a pool. Removing this tree is another thing to worry about, including how it will impact your area and the costs associated with it.

For yards with nearby bodies of water, your renovator may need to install a dam to complete their work. Whenever possible, look for a renovator that uses water-filled dams.

According to Dam-it Dams, a provider of water-filled dam systems in Texas, “Because of the speed with which water-filled dam systems can be installed, they’re much more cost-effective than other portable dam systems. In addition, because of ease of installation, water-filled dam systems require less manpower to assemble compared to steel build dams.”

More often than not, your renovator will handle any large obstacles for you. However, it’s a good idea to consider them yourself so that you know what the renovation will require and you can make better financial decisions.

Discuss with Your Neighbors


If your renovation will impact your neighbors, it’s a good idea to discuss it with them. For example, if a large tree you’re removing provides shade to your neighbor’s yard, they may want to know you’re cutting it down. In addition, large renovations are often noisy, and giving your neighbors a warning is a nice common courtesy. 

Choose an Appropriate Date

Finally, choose a time for the renovation to start. Think about when you’ll want the renovation done along with when you can afford to have the work done in your yard. For example, if you want to have a July 4th BBQ, you may want to plan the renovation for a few weeks prior. Talk with your renovator about a time that works for both you and their service. Then add it to your calendar and start cleaning up your yard in preparation.

Make Backyard Renovations Easier

With the proper steps, you can make a large backyard renovation run a lot more smoothly. It’s just a matter of taking your time and thinking through each step of the process. With the steps above you should hopefully be able to do this and end up with a backyard you love, all with as little stress as possible.