The Top 4 Indoor Gardening Care Tips

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Taking care of our indoor plants requires time, effort, and love. Although, it depends on what kind of indoor plant you have. As plant parents, we should always know what kind of indoor plants we have in our house so that we can take good care of them. There are a lot of kinds of indoor plants; some want direct sunlight, and some do not. Others always want the moisture of the water, but some can tolerate droughts. Different species have different approaches in terms of growth and how to take good care of themselves. In this article, we will learn how to properly take good care of our indoor plants.

Varieties Of Plants

We have many various types of plants in the world that we can see outside or inside our homes. Plants are categorized into four major groups based on the phylum to which they belong.

  • Like Moses and Liverworts, this is a non-vascular and low-growing plant because they do not have that vascular system that may allow water to travel a distance. That is why this plant doesn’t grow that tall, and this is a non-flowering plant. It is also a little plant that doesn’t have any leaves or stems. It is more than one inch tall. It needs water to reproduce, can live in a moist area, and doesn’t want direct sunlight. They have this special waxy outer cover that helps to stop the water from evaporating.
  • Ferns it is a type of vascular plant that duplicate by spores. More likely, they have what we call the circulatory system, and they grow taller than the mosses and worts. This plant has roots, stems, leaves, and trunks. They can also survive in any type of ecosystem, but they should be moist. It also needs water to reproduce, and its stem can grow to be feet long.
  • Gymnosperms are also vascular plants that can reproduce through their seeds. And its seeds grow inside cones. It doesn’t make flowers, and some plants that are covered in gymnosperms can survive in cold climates.
  • Angiosperms are called flowering plants. It is a vascular plant with seeds that grow inside, and that is its fruit. It also uses pollinators to spread the pollen and produce seeds. It has stems, leaves, and roots. Almost all of the living plants in the whole world are classified under the angiosperm.

Now that we have already classified the variety of plants, we can properly take good care of our indoor plants.

1.  Water

Do not overwater your indoor plants, but according to its classification of indoor plants, just like this burros tail, it is a succulent plant that can be classified as a vascular plant. It can tolerate drought conditions. There’s nothing to worry about if you don’t water it.

2.  Right Spot

Furthermore, it will help you determine whether the indoor plant you need will receive adequate sunshine. If your indoor plant needs minimum sunlight, then you can place it next to the window so that it can get a minimal amount of sunlight.

3.  Soil

Some indoor plants want to get moistened every time, but some can tolerate dryness. Always check the condition of your soil. If your indoor plant is picky in terms of the condition of the soil, then you can add some fresh soil on top of it, and you can also add some fertilizer to it.

4.  Pruning

Trim your indoor plants every three months or more, depending on what kind of plant you have and their growth rate. You can prune a plant after it blooms. Always remember, if you are about to prune a plant, it should be grown. Trim a little bit, not too much, or you might regret it. You can also get rid of the dead leaves or overgrown branches to make it look young again.

In General

Having different kinds of indoor plants is so challenging. You will remember all the do’s and don’ts of that specific plant so that it will be able to grow properly and according to its size and your wants. Parenting a plant requires love most of the time.

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