How To Grow and Care For Mother Of Thousands (Kalanchoe daigremontiana)

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If you are a fan of a Jade plant, then, of course, you will admire the mother of thousands plants. The fact that it shares similar growing conditions to kalanchoe makes people confuse it with it.

They also have similar traits, but of course, there are outstanding traits that separate them. The plant has attractive foliage and blooms nicely when it grows in outdoor conditions.

If you need to see flowers, grow them as an outdoor plant. The flowers may be insignificant if you grow it as an indoor plant. The plant blooms with beautiful greyish flowers during the late winter. After flowering, it will then die. 

caring for mother of thousands

Planting mother of thousands

Planting season will resemble that of other houseplants. It will grow nicely in suitable conditions of direct sunlight, well-draining soils, and suitable temperature conditions. Consider the following tips that will answer for you the right time to plant it. 

When to plant

planting mother of thousands

The right time to grow the plant is during the cooler seasons until spring.  It will be wise to be careful with the season when planting because it is just like any other plant and it will need suitable conditions that will support its germination. In case you decide to place it indoors, make sure that you put it in the east-facing window to allow it to get sufficient light.

Where to plant

You can plant it anywhere if conditions are favorable, but of course in well-draining soil. If you opt to plant it in a pot, use a cactus soil mixture due to its suitable drainage. Ensure that you are locating the planting grounds on areas that receive bright indirect light. If the ground gets at least 6 hour hours of sunlight in a day, then you are good to go with it.

How to plant

Use cactus potting soils because it has consistent drainage. All succulent plants do well in well-draining soils. You may add coarse sand for better drainage. Your stem cuttings from mother plants are what you will be planting in new pots. Fulfill all the requirements from planting, sunlight, and temperature requirements for faster growth.


mother of thousands caring

The plant will do well under proper care.  Every succulent plant has its special soil requirement that will enhance its growth. Find out all the things you need to know when caring for the mother of thousands houseplant.

Soil and fertilizer

 The succulent plant will require suitable soil types just like any other plant. Well-draining soils such as the cacti ix or the sandy soils will be the best soil types. You may need fertilizer during the seasons that it will grow foliage. You can add soluble fertilizer if you need enhanced growth though it is not very necessary.

Sun-Light and water

Succulent plants do not need frequent watering. You can only start watering when the conditions are unfavorable, and the soil is dry. It should be soggy, but not so much lest the roots of the mother of thousands begin to rot.

The plant will be blooming well if it gets suitable sunlight conditions. Ensure that it is getting constant bright light for at least 6 hours, but be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Humidity and temperature

The plant can survive conditions of moderate temperatures. High temperatures can damage it. It will be best if you keep your plant in a place that receives suitable temperatures. In instances where it starts getting too hot, you can transfer it indoors. Low humid conditions are undoubtedly the best for the growth of your plant.


The plant should grow until it reaches a stage where it is ready for repotting. Repotting here implies that your plant needs a bigger pot to allow it. Or the soil is no longer nourishing, and you want to place them in nutritious soil.

Get a suitable well-draining soil in a new pot and gently transfer the mother of thousands plants in it. You don’t need to do the watering, but start it after some days.

Pruning and propagation

You don’t need to leave your plant to grow so messy. Frequent trimming will help it look more appealing. You can pinch off the upper end of the leave, to signal it to start growing leaves on the lower parts of the stem.

Propagation is easy. You only need to pick the plantlets from the leaves and place them in a bag or a seal. Make sure that they remain moist until the time they are ready to be planted. It will slowly begin to grow roots. There is no need to worry about a large pot because it will take years to need a large pot.

Pests and diseases

The plant does suffer diseases such as root decay. Be sure to protect your plant from any cases that might make it to soak in water. The leaves may also suffer pest infestation such as aphids attack, and other issues include the scale and mealybug insects. The best control measure for pests is to spray them with insecticides once in a while.


guide to grow mother of thousands

To conclude. Mother of thousands plant is a beautiful houseplant that you can grow in your house. The plant is quite appealing, and it can serve decorative purposes in your home. Care and maintenance of this plant are quite achievable, and therefore, there is no need to thinks so much about it.

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