20 Rustic DIY Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on November 13, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Completely change the way your kitchen looks – with just a few ideas. You can make your kitchen look stunning with just a little effort. Today you’re going to discover…

The 20 Rustic DIY Kitchen Island Ideas that will bring the most out of your kitchen

Whether you want more space to move around, or more space to store your kitchen stuff… These rustic DIY kitchen ideas will make both things happen. All you’re going to need is a little inspiration, and you’re all set. You can make a beautiful change in your kitchen with just these amazing 20 ideas.

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best rustic kitchen island ideas

1. Add more space

1 rustic kitchen island ideas

If you feel like your kitchen is crammed with stuff around – you can simply remove your big unnecessary table and add a rustic one like this. The good thing about this is that you can store your important stuff below the table. And you can make your meal on the table. Plus, more space for you to move around.


2. The 5 in 1 rustic table

2 rustic kitchen island ideas

Yep, 5 benefits of using a table like this in your kitchen. It doesn’t take a lot of space. You can prepare your meal on the table. There is room for chairs so you can also eat on the table. Shelves and drawers so you can put your important kitchen stuff there.


3. Even more space

3 rustic kitchen island ideas

Still feel like you need more space? Well, why not add a mini table like this one? It’s a mini table where you can prepare your meal (slice cucumbers, tomatoes etc…). And you can put your wine or something else below the table.


4. The garbage collector

4 rustic kitchen island ideas

You don’t need separate spaces to throw your garbage and to put your towels. You can do that with this amazing table. Prepare your meal, throw the junk in the garbage (that is stored in the table), and after that, clean your hands with the towels on the side of the table.


5. Old to new

5 rustic kitchen island ideas

This is a great idea to add to your kitchen. Use your old wooden window blinds to make a great kitchen table. You can make your meal, store your wines or plates, add towels, add receipts…


6. The modern rustic kitchen table

6 rustic kitchen island ideas

You don’t need a new table for this one. You can just turn your current table into a table like this one. On top of the table, you can add a wooden polished plank (in this shape). After that, you can add another wooden wall planks on the side of the table. You can also add bricks but it’s cheaper to add wallpaper of bricks.


7. Drawers to table

7 rustic kitchen island ideas

Turn your drawers to a kitchen table. Easy. You will have drawers for your kitchen and also have a table to work on. You can even add some chairs if you don’t want a dining table – in your apartment.


8. Creative little island

8 rustic kitchen island ideas

Make a little island for your kitchen where you can store many things. You can put your recipes there, wine bottles, plates, and prepare your meal.


9. Old wood = great idea

9 rustic kitchen island ideas

Have some old wood in your garden somewhere? You can make a beautiful island for your kitchen. You can store anything in the drawers, prepare, and eat meals.


10. Washbasin + table

10 rustic kitchen island ideas

Add more space in the room – mix the washbasin and the table. Now you can do multiple things in the same area. Wash your plates, prepare a meal, eat a meal, everything!

11. The wooden-quartz table

11 rustic kitchen island ideas

You can easily create this island kitchen idea. Make the side of the tables with wood and add some drawers to the longer sides. On top of the table, you can put slim quartz – to make it more appealing. Add the washbasin and your all set.


12. 2 tables in 1

12 rustic kitchen island ideas

Instead of making one table… you can make two. Create a big table that looks like 2 separate tables, stuck in one. Now it’s big, lots of storage space and now prepare your meal comfortably.


13. The kneading island

13 rustic kitchen island ideas

You can knead lots of bread now. Now you can make all of your favorite baking goods for your family.


14. The windowed table

14 rustic kitchen island ideas

Be more creative with this idea. You can make a rustic island for your kitchen and add old window frames – make it look more appealing.

15. Drawer idea

15 rustic kitchen island ideas

Make an island for your kitchen with just your old drawers. Make your drawers a great table and add wiping paper. Also, you can add a few hangers for your towels or kitchen tools.

16. The bar island

16 rustic kitchen island ideas

Create a wooden bar island for your kitchen. Store all of your alcohol bottles here.


17. The pallet island

17 rustic kitchen island ideas

You can make a pallet table for your kitchen. You just need to nail some nails and that’s it. This is pretty easy and simple to do.

18. The old barn island

18 rustic kitchen island ideas

This is very easy to do. You just need to pair together with a distressed wood frame and galvanized sheet metal.


19. Bedroom drawers

19 rustic kitchen island ideas

Use your old bedroom drawers to create an amazing kitchen island.


20. Store everything kitchen island

20 rustic kitchen island ideas

Here you can store a lot of stuff – including your microwave. You can prepare meals, heat foods, throw junk in the garbage can inside the table.


Final Thoughts

Having a great rustic kitchen island that you created – will help you a lot. These are the best and easiest to create kitchen island ideas. You can create any of these ideas with just a little effort.

Explore and find which fits best for your kitchen. These islands will bring more style to your kitchen and more space whatsoever.