Self Ordering Kiosks: The Future of Ordering in Restaurants

Last Updated on May 23, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

As a customer, the last thing you want is to wait in line for your order at the restaurant. As a restaurant owner or manager, one of your biggest challenges is how to keep up with demand and handle peak times. At first glance, these two problems seem unrelated; however, self-ordering kiosks can help solve both issues while also improving customer satisfaction and reducing employee turnover at restaurants around the world.

In this article, we’ll show how self ordering kiosks are becoming an even more integral part of many restaurants’ operations than they already were before—and why you should consider investing in them if you’re looking to make changes that will make it easier for both customers and employees alike!

What Is a Self Ordering Kiosk?

A self ordering kiosk is a computerized ordering system that allows customers to order and pay for their food. It’s used in restaurants, fast food chains and other retail locations.

The self-serve kiosks are often used in restaurants with limited counter space or where there are long lines of customers waiting to place an order with an employee at the counter. This type of technology also helps reduce labor costs because it reduces the number of employees needed behind the registers or cash registers during peak times like lunch hour rush hour periods when there are more orders being placed than normal.

Why Restaurant Owners and Managers Should Invest in Self-Ordering Kiosks

The benefits of self-ordering kiosks:

  • Reduce wait times. People don’t like to wait in line, particularly during busy hours when it’s easier to get a table by arriving early or making reservations. Self-ordering kiosks can help you reduce the time customers spend waiting for their food, which means happier customers and more revenue for you!
  • Increase customer satisfaction. The average restaurant loses $5 per customer due to poor service and slow wait times. When customers have the option of ordering on their own using a self-service kiosk instead of interacting with an employee who may be distracted by other tasks or simply not interested in helping them out, they’re likely going to be much happier with their experience at your restaurant–and return again!

Increase employee productivity. Self-service kiosks are a great way to allow your employees to focus on other tasks, such as cleaning tables or preparing drinks for other customers. Rather than being distracted by taking orders and making food at the same time, they can do both jobs more efficiently!

The Benefits of Self Ordering Kiosks

Self ordering kiosks are the future of ordering in restaurants. They improve customer satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and increase profitability.

These benefits are due to the fact that self-ordering systems allow customers to have more control over their experience in a restaurant by allowing them to customize their meal exactly how they want it.

This can include creating new items or adding extra toppings on existing ones. The result is that people are happier with their food because they get exactly what they want; something which is often not possible when ordering at a counter or speaking with someone face-to-face about what you’d like for lunch or dinner (or breakfast).

Self Ordering Kiosks Improve Customer Satisfaction

Self ordering kiosks are a great way to improve customer satisfaction. The ability to customize your order, pay for it and rate the restaurant on a scale of 1-5 all help you feel more in control of the experience. This can make customers feel more comfortable when they’re not sure what they want or how much they should pay for something, especially if they’re new at an establishment.

A study done by QSR Magazine showed that 65% of customers said that they were likely to visit a restaurant with a self-ordering kiosk.

While some people feel that self ordering kiosks are impersonal and take away from the dining experience, others feel like they’re more convenient than waiting in line.

Self Ordering Kiosks Reduce Employee Turnover

Self-ordering kiosks also help reduce wait times, which has been shown to increase customer satisfaction and overall productivity. The less time customers have to wait for their food, the happier they are with their experience at your restaurant!

In addition to all of these benefits, using self-ordering kiosks can help you save money on labor costs by reducing the amount of time that employees spend taking orders or preparing food. This can be especially beneficial in high volume restaurants where there are many people ordering at once (like fast food chains).

The Future of Self Ordering Kiosks

The future of self ordering kiosks is bright. The technology is here to stay and it will only get better. The future is mobile, cloud based and in the hands of consumers who can order exactly what they want when they want it.

The next generation of self-ordering kiosks will be smarter than ever before, able to understand natural language commands from customers so that ordering food or drinks becomes seamless and easy for everyone involved – especially when you consider how long it takes some people just to decide what they want from a menu!

Self Ordering Kiosks Are a Great Investment for Restaurants

Self ordering kiosks are a great investment for restaurants looking to make the most of their space, reduce wait times, and better manage labor costs. Self ordering kiosk systems can improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to quickly place an order without having to wait in line or talk with an employee.

In addition to improving customer satisfaction and reducing employee turnover rates (which are often high), self ordering kiosks also help restaurants save money because they require less staff time during peak hours when there are usually long lines at cash registers.

In fact, some restaurants have already started using these machines as part of their regular operations–and they’re seeing impressive results!


With the rise of self ordering kiosks, restaurant owners and managers have a new way to improve their customer experience and reduce costs. The benefits of these devices are clear, but there are also some drawbacks that need to be considered before making an investment in this technology. Restaurant owners should weigh these factors before deciding whether or not they want to implement self ordering kiosks at their establishment.