How To Grow and Care For Senecio radicans ‘String Of Bananas’

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Strings of the banana plant is a cute plant characterized by fast growth. The plant originates from the native regions of Africa. First, you will admire the transparent leaves that allow light to shine through them.

Its small leaves also have a pleasant smell that resembles that of cinnamon. A string of bananas can grow well in a warm region, making it suitable as an outdoor plant.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t cultivate it if you stay in places that experience a cold climate. It will still do well as an indoor plant. Let us consider the steps that you can follow from the day you plant it. 

beginners guide to care string of bananas

Planting string of bananas

You may be looking for a beautiful succulent plant that won’t be very demanding to plant. A string of bananas is all you need. Find out all you need to about planting and the suitable conditions that will favor it.

When to plant string of bananas

Like any other succulent plant, a string of bananas will do well in springs and summers. During the seasons, the plant gets plenty of water, warmth, and sunlight.

The temperature values during this season are favorable. The plant can still do well under temperatures below 10-degree Celsius. 

Where to plant string of bananas

 The best place to plant a string of bananas is in soils that have a proper drainage property. The best soil combination is a commercial potting mixture where you will add some perlite for extra drainage.

The succulent plant can respond well when it grows in soil rich in nutrients. You can replenish this by adding fertilizer.

How to plant string of bananas

string of bananas succulent

The steps that you follow when planting a string of bananas are simple. All you need is to fill your container with course well-draining soils. The pot will have a drainage-hole at the bottom to facilitate proper draining. You will then plant the stems in the pot, and keep it soggy until the roots start sprouting.

Care for a string of bananas

care for string of bananas

Once your pearl begins growing, you should then take some precautions to care about it. First, you need to be concerned with the type of soil, the conditions it is growing in, and watering if the weather change.

Soil and fertilizer

The best soil that will favor the growth of string of bananas is well-draining soils. As already stated, the plant can do well when you add some fertilizer. It is the only succulent plant that does well when you add a soluble fertilizer. You can enhance its growth by adding more fertilizer to it.

Sun-light, and water

The plant will do well when it grows in places that receives bright sunlight. It will need partial shade when it grows outdoors, while an indoor string of pearls will be excellent when exposed to bright sunlight. Be careful not to harm it with strong afternoon sunlight.

Humidity and temperature

The plant can grow outdoors in warm conditions. It can survive arid to semi-arid conditions. The best temperatures that will favor growth range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit t0 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Full sun is quite favorable, and therefore, evidently, it won’t survive high humidity conditions.


All you need to do the report the string of bananas is to take the stem cuttings from a healthy established plant. There is a specific season that will favor the repotting. You will wait until the roots start to develop. Loosen the root ball and gently transfer it to the next pot. You will then water it thoroughly.

Pruning and propagation

Propagation of string of bananas is something you can achieve. The ease of doing it makes it possible to do it more often. You only need to get some stem cutting. Allow the stem cuttings to wither in a container until the time it begins to get sprouts and roots, that is when you should water it. You can use as many stem cuttings as possible to warrant a better success rate.

Pests and diseases

Root decay is not very common with a string of bananas though, it will suffer it in cases where water is in excess. It also suffers from pests such as mealybugs, scale insects, and aphids. You can use insecticides and fungicides to protect your plant against pests and diseases.


beginners guide to care senecio radicans string of bananas

To conclude, the string of bananas houseplant is a great décor. The plant can grow anywhere as long as the conditions are favorable. You don’t have to do a lot to care about it, because it will naturally as long as you have everything set right for it to grow. Decide now and have one of these best houseplants that grow fast. It’s the best décor you can have in your house either outdoor or even indoors.

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