Starting a Bird Figurine Collection

Last Updated on November 9, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Collecting bird figurines is a marvelous hobby that combines art and aesthetics with a love for nature. Figurines are miniature representations of the thousands of bird species that exist on Earth and are a source of joy for people of all backgrounds and ages.

Reasons To Start a Bird Figurine Collection

Should you start a bird figurine collection? Doing so has many benefits.

Appreciation for the Beauty of Nature

Birds are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world. There are infinite colors, shapes, and sizes.

Starting a bird figurine collection is a great way to bring the magnificence and beauty of these feathered friends into your home.

Preservation of Avian Diversity

With such an incredible amount of diversity in the avian world, bird figurines allow you to preserve exotic and almost-extinct species in your collection.

Each one tells a story about its habitat and habits, whether it’s a great blue heron or a tiny ruby-throated hummingbird. The more diverse your collection is, the more you will learn about birds all over the world.


Starting a collection is a therapeutic hobby. Carefully choosing, organizing, arranging, and taking the time to admire your bird collection can be deeply therapeutic.

The beauty of birds can also provide you with a sense of calm and let you escape from the daily grind.

Conservation of Craftsmanship

Bird figurines can be manufactured in a wide range of materials, from ceramic to porcelain, to wood, to plastic, and glass.

Some are painted by hand, others colored by machine. As you collect birds you are working to conserve the work of the artisans and techniques used to create these works of art.

Caring for Your Bird Figurine Collection

A bird figurine collection needs to be adequately cared for to keep it looking beautiful for years and generations to come.


When deciding where to display your figurines, it’s important to choose somewhere that direct sunlight doesn’t hit. Over time, UV rays can degrade and ruin many materials and discolor the paint.

It’s also a good idea to choose an area where there isn’t excessive moisture or fluctuations in temperature. A garage or shed may not be the best place unless they are temperature-controlled. Excessive heat or cold is damaging to bird figurines.


Naturally, dust and dirt can accumulate on your figurines. Use a soft brush or cloth to remove excess dust, and if there is stubborn build-up, you can use mild soap and water with a cotton swab to get them clean without damaging them. Air drying is usually best for delicate figurines, as heat drying or rubbing may remove the paint.

Where To Find Quality Bird Figurines

If you’re looking to start a bird figurine collection or have one but want to expand it, check out the variety of birds at Safari Ltd. Some are hand-painted, most are scientifically accurate, and the variety of bird species available is excellent. From tropical birds to songbirds to birds of prey, they have something for everyone in their online store.