You Grow Girl! Top Tips For Renovating Your Garden This Summer

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

In order to make the most of your outdoor area while the summer is still going strong and the sun is still shining, why not enjoy your garden even more by giving it a little bit of extra love.

Sure, you might feel forced to inflate the paddling pool and fire up the barbecue when the sun arrives – but don’t let that distract you from renovating your garden space. Setting aside some time to embellish your garden for the summer is definitely worthwhile! So, here are some top tips for renovating your garden this summer.

Load up the lawn mowers and cut the grass

Make sure your grass is in excellent condition and at a nipping length since a well-mowed grass area is a delight to behold in any garden for the summer.

You should replant any bare patches in the grass, carbonate the soil to promote root development and rake the soil well to allow water and light to penetrate.

Now you’re ready to mow your grass and create an aesthetically pleasing garden – keep in mind not to cut any less than 1cm height from your grass.

Rethink your planting design

It may be wise to reconsider your planting layout if you’re having trouble getting flowers and plants to flourish in your garden. By making sure your plants are located in the best area for receiving sunlight and water, you can increase their chances of growing properly. Sunlight can be a nuisance, be it too much sunlight or not enough – so it makes sense to dig your plants up and move them to a better location.

Install a patio

Installing a patio can reduce lawn size if your lawn is too big to carry out constant maintenance on – it’s a great addition to any garden. Summer evenings can be spent socialising on patios, which provide great seating and relaxing space.

You’ll have more space for entertaining guests and adding garden furniture if you extend an existing patio or build one into your garden. Patio slabs are reasonably simple to install and are undoubtedly easier to maintain than lawns. You could illuminate this space with all types of outdoor lights to make it a cosy place on summer nights.

Choose the right furniture

Outdoor furniture is essential if you want to spend those summer days and nights relaxing outside, especially if you have a patio laid out. Opt for a cosy furniture seating set to spruce up your space and make summer nights extra comfy. Keep in mind when deciding to buy new furniture, it’s wise to consider any external factors that could affect the furniture, including the general wear and tear and the weather.

Outdoor storage container

Building or setting up your own outdoor storage container could be great for storing furniture and cushions on those days when rain is expected or when any external risks are anticipated to affect your furniture. It could be an essential element to your garden in the summer if you are planning on having cushions and furniture but anticipate rain which is common in UK summers – let’s face it.

And there you have it – just a few simple top tips for renovating your garden this summer, so you can make the most of the fantastic weather.

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