15 Tunisian Crochet Free Patterns

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It is fun doing Tunisian crochet designs. Here is a collection of 15 Tunisian free patterns that will keep you busy during your leisure times. The patterns are free, and they come with knitting instructions to keep you going when you are a beginner. Check out the knitting steps from the 15 best designs crochet patterns below.

best tunisian crochet free patterns

1. Marshmallow twist baby blanket

1 tunisian crochet free patterns

Marshmallow is undoubtedly the best Tunisian-free pattern that has all the knitting instructions in place. The idea is perfect and will be best for beginners. It is a cute baby blanket that you can present during the baby shower.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/marshmallow-twist-baby-blanket/

2. Casual cowl free modern Tunisian crochet

2 tunisian crochet free patterns

The casual cowl is another perfect Tunisian crochet that will be nice if you try it during your free time. You should extend your love for crochets by checking through the steps from to source to help you start over the project.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/casual-cowl/

3. Picnic plaid afghan free Tunisian crochet

3 tunisian crochet free patterns

The free crochet pattern will be excellent during your picnics. Check out everything you need to know about crochet and get inspiration as you begin to crochet a perfect picnic afghan crochet.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/picnic-plaid-afghan/

4. La Playa Throw Free Tunisian crochet

4 tunisian crochet free patterns

You will fall in love with the Tunisian free pattern if you check from the source here. It’s cute colors could be the reason it is getting the best reviews. Check the source to inspire you as you get started with this perfect crochet project.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/la-playa-throw/

5. Mandarin super scarf

5 tunisian crochet free patterns

Mandarin super scarf ranks among the best Tunisian crochet ideas that the knitters should try. You don’t need to be a pro to start this project because all the details that you will need to learn about crochet are available from the source.

 Source: https://crochetkim.com/mandarin-super-scarf/

6. Butterfly wings Tunisian crochet

6 tunisian crochet free patterns

The Butterfly Wings Tunisian crochet is another crochet idea that you can try at home. Check the source to inspire you as you crochet the butterfly wing Tunisian free pattern with a reputation among the Tunisian crochets.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/butterfly-wings-afghan/

7. Bluebell baby blanket

7 tunisian crochet free patterns

Bluebell Baby blanket could be your next crochet project if you like crocheting. The stitching instructions from the source will make everything to be easy for you. Check the link and do something during your leisure hours.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/bluebell-blanket/

8. Ripple candy baby blanket

8 tunisian crochet free patterns

The ripple candy baby blanket is an excellent free pattern that you want to try as a beginner. This idea looks cute and will be a nice present during Easter and other festive holidays. The source here will give all the stitching instructions that you will want to get started.

 Source: https://crochetkim.com/ripple-candy-baby-blanket/

9. Color wheel bag free Tunisian pattern

9 tunisian crochet free patterns

The color wheel bag-free Tunisian pattern is another excellent crochet pattern for crocheters. Check out all the stitching instructions from the source to motivate you as you maneuver through the complex knits making up to the pattern.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/color-wheel-bag/

10. Geo scarf free Tunisian pattern

10 tunisian crochet free patterns

The geo scarf-free Tunisian pattern could be a winter scarf for both stylish men and women. You don’t need to suffer those cold winters when you can crochet a crochet design. Check the stitching instructions to inspire you to make the cute scarf.

 Source: https://crochetkim.com/geo-scarf/

11. Monroe scarf free Tunisian crochet

11 tunisian crochet free patterns

Have you tried the Monroe scarf? It is one of the best projects for stylish women who like crocheting rather than buying a crochet pattern. If you have been thinking about mental therapy, then crochet can do it for you.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/monroe-scarf/

12. Eternal spring infinity scarf

12 tunisian crochet free patterns

Here is another free crochet idea that will impress you as a crochet lover. Every stitching step is available from the source. You can refer to it to inspire you even as you start working on this rare and yet cute infinity spring Tunisian scarf. It is a perfect crochet scarf that will serve you well during the spring seasons.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/eternal-spring-infinity-scarf/

13. Entwined Helix scarf

13 tunisian crochet free patterns

The entwined Helix scarf is another free Tunisian pattern that has perfect knits best for crochet lovers. Check every detail you will want to know to get started with the project. The crochet has a wide following due to its complex and yet adorable knits.

Source: https://crochetkim.com/entwined-helix-scarf-or-cowl/

14. Citrus scrubs free Tunisian free pattern

14 tunisian crochet free patterns

The citrus scrubs are another free Tunisian crochet you will want to try during your free time. The process will be easy because you will have all the essential knitting instructions to guide you as you work on the pattern. Here is the source to inspire you.

 Source: https://crochetkim.com/citrus-scrubs/

15. Nautical waves throw Tunisian crochet

15 tunisian crochet free patterns

Crocheting is always fun, and you can try anything that comes into your mind provided that you have a hook and a yarn. Check the source below and see if it will be easier for you to start over the Nautical waves-free Tunisian pattern.

 Source: https://crochetkim.com/nautical-waves-throw/

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