What eco-friendly composite decking products are available and why you should care

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Composite decking is an alternative to timber that manufacturers make with a mix of wood fibres, plastic, and bonding agents in small amounts. The process involves heating the mixture, forming it into board-shaped lengths, and cooling.

Benefits of Having Decking In Your Outdoor Area and the Uses of Decking

composite decking

The biggest of having composite decking in the outdoor area is that it needs less maintenance than natural wood. Composite decking, unlike wood, does not require selling, staining, or painting. The boards also do not warp, splinter, or develop cracks. It means that users save the cost of maintenance and labour for many years.

Other benefits of composite decking are:

  • A longer lifespan of more than ten years

  • Fire resistance

  • Plastic content in the decking material makes the boards more durable by resisting insects, rot, and dampness

  • A more authentic appearance than plastic alternatives

Purpose of Decking

A deck creates an alternative to stone-based features like a patio. A deck extends the living area and provides a feature for garden landscaping.

A deck can serve as a place for planting herbs or placing container gardens to enhance a dining table while enhancing the natural beauty of the outdoor décor.

The Process of Drawing A Decking Plan

Almost everyone can draw a deck plan. It should start by taking measurements of the distance between the house and property lines while in the yard. The other points to measure are the house dimensions, doors, windows, and other outlets.

The next step is to draw a site plan showing property boundaries, the house, and its major features. It should also show any landscapes that might get in the way of deck construction and elevation. You can draw on graph paper using a pencil, ruler, and eraser.

People with skills in computer-assisted drafting can use the software to create a plan view with the decking perspective and elevation. Many CADs produce a list of materials and lumber.

Does Deck Construction Require A Landscaper?

Building a deck is something that a homeowner with some skills in building wood structures can do. Hiring a landscaper is the cost-effective route for those without home construction skills because a professional will construct the deck well without wasting materials or time.

Different Eco-Friendly Products That Are Available For Decking

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Composite decking develops from these materials.

Wood composite: Wood composite is a combination of recycled plastic and sawdust. It is available in diverse colours, and makers can style it to mimic laminate flooring.

PVC/vinyl: manufacturers use polyvinyl chloride to develop PVC and vinyl decking material. It is simple to shape, and vinyl material offers an abundant colour selection.

Plastic: Plastic composite decking uses various plastic materials, including polypropylene, polyethene, and vinyl. Plastic decking is lightweight. Producers of high-end brands style them to appear like wood decking.

Manufacturers also use rubber, poly, and other recycled materials but to a lesser extent.

How Does Composite Decking Contribute To Battle Against Climate Change And Waste Disposal?

Composite decking has an eco-friendly nature when the world is giving much attention to climate change. Manufacturers are helping to improve sustainability by using recycled materials to make composite decking boards. They use a green manufacturing process that does not involve the use of harmful elements. They coat or inject the decks with chemicals to prevent rotting or degradation, as with pressure-treated wood.

Composite decking also helps to minimize waste disposal because manufacturers use recycled materials.

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