4 Crucial Steps to Do Before Buying Patio Furniture

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Planning to revamp your patio with brand new furniture? Good thing you found this article! In this piece, we’re going to tell you the four key steps that you must do before purchasing a new set of furniture.

First up!

crucial steps to do before buying patio furniture

1. Choose a theme to work on

patio furniture

The first box on the list that you should tick off is the theme.

It doesn’t matter what room you’re renovating or designing, choosing a theme should always be done first before anything.

If you have a clear vision of how your patio should look and feel, with the help of a theme, everything else will fall into place.

Having an overarching concept in your design will also help you narrow down your options when it comes to furniture pieces and accessories. Adhering to this concept will also make your outdoor space more cohesive.

It’s also important to note that when choosing a theme, you should opt for something that would bring out your personality and work great with the whole space as well.

If you don’t know yet what theme you should go for, you can always scour the internet for recommendations.

There are lots of sample designs and inspirations that you can find there. From minimalist to industrial, tropical, and even brutalist themes.

Once you’ve seen a peg that you think you can work on, use it as your guide from the start all the way to the finishing touches.

2. Choose the right colours

Colours can do something more than just make your patio look beautiful. It can also set the mood and tone for any kind of space.

Take light colours for example. Shades like white oak are naturally warm so many designers incorporate this colour for spaces that are meant for family gatherings or reunions.

On the other hand, colours like mahogany, grey and black, gives off a sense of maturity and elegance. That’s why these are the preferred colours if you’re transforming your outdoor space into a lounge or bar area.

Aside from the shades mentioned above, you can also use your favourite colour as a unifying theme in your patio design.

While it’s easy to pick that colour, what’s challenging is to build a whole palette around it. But if you manage to get these colours right, your patio will definitely look great!

3. Measure the whole patio

If you’ve locked in on a theme and you already got your colours right, the next step on the list is to measure everything up.

For this step, the best tool to use is a rolling tape measure. Or if you have a more advanced laser measuring tool, better.

Just make sure to get the exact measurements of the whole space including every nook and cranny.

Once you have the numbers, use these to identify which sizes of outdoor furniture will fit perfectly on the space.

Skipping this step will definitely cause you a lot of hassle. Because if you buy online without knowing how big is the space you’re working on, there’s a great chance that you’re going to return the pieces.

You’re lucky if the store has return policies, but if not, you’re doomed.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, opt for pieces that are large enough to accommodate several people. But not too big that it will almost cramp up the space.

Keep in mind that you also have to give your visitors some room to move around.

4. Find the best furniture shop in your area

After doing the first three steps, the last thing to do (and this is the last, promise) is to research where you can buy the best furniture in your area.

When we say “best”, we’re talking about not only the style of the pieces but also their durability.

Trust us when we say durability is the name of the game. It’s better to buy furniture from trusted brands or local furniture shops with lots of recommendations than shop cheap but wobbly builds online.

If you go for the cheap one, there’s a great chance that you’ll buy replacements after a few months. Which is a more expensive route to go to.

That’s why before buying, make sure you’re looking at a store that has a legacy of offering stylish yet long-lasting designer outdoor furniture Sydney.

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