House Plus One: 5 Reasons Why You Should Build a Granny Flat Extension

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Wanting to extend your home but still unsure about what type of home extension is the best choice to take? Worried about making a big home decision that may cost more work and fees? A granny flat may be the perfect option for your home needs; let’s talk about it.

A granny flat is a separate housing unit that holds additional space for your existing home. It can serve many purposes such as storage space, living space for guests, indoor garage, and more. This flexible home structure can be seen all around neighborhoods, as people who own one see its potentiality and efficiency for their own home preferential.

Then, this in-property apartment may be the answer for your next home extension and renovation. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting a granny house extension.

Financial Investment

As mentioned, granny flats are convertible buildings that can serve different purposes. Due to its functionality, its most general purpose is for the living space of potential renters. Investing in building this small area can get you two-fold or even more of your primary capital; when you set a successful business intention. Financial investments, in turn, will become future income.

If you’re living in Newcastle or somewhere nearby and need a team to help build a granny flat, don’t fret.  The best granny flat builders Newcastle is within reach. These professionals have years of experience and knowledge to help you achieve that flat of yours.

Storage Space

Another purpose that a granny flat may hold is being a storage area for a family’s wants and needs. A granny flat is close to a space for the living and space for worldly things. When there is a surplus of things in your own house due to the end of a season, a granny flat is your best friend. Storing old memoirs from the yearly holidays has never been easier.

It is easily accessible to the main house, placed right inside your property. Additionally, having a separate storage space will keep your main living space clean, neat, and simple-looking, especially if you want that simplistic and minimalistic vibe to your house.

Temporary residence

The main intention when the first people who built the idea of granny flats was to house guests. This was usually built for the cause of live-in nannies who work for a family day tonight. Also, for when your in-laws take a weekend off and spend time with your family, this private space is the perfect place.

This type of apartment-Esque flat is an exclusive temporary home for anyone who pays a visit. They can have their own space while the central family can enjoy their own home, as well. This helps in building comfortable living and creating a barrier between personal spaces.


It is easy to be on-trend with the latest home stylings when you own a granny flat, as it can be as customizable as it gets. As home and lifestyle trends change by the day, your Flexi-home can easily fit the current style as much as you want it to be.

Minimalistic styles in homes are now what’s in, and having a granny flat is already on the edge. Because of how it’s built — being compact and organized its simplistic architectural style can already be achieved. To add, it is very much customizable to your preference and budget. Billing for electricity, water and other utility expenses are tracked easily to your benefit.

There is a freedom to your preference because it is your own — and how it is convertible into any space you want it to be, is already a trend that you, your own, like. The concept of granny flats will be the next big thing, primarily because of how convenient it is.

“Tiny” House

A lot of people have now decided to build their own tiny houses. It is all around the internet. Seeing how to keep things in their houses in the simplest way possible intrigued the people — then boomed the idea. People saw how convenient and organized the idea of a tiny house was, so in turn, they built their own.

Granny flats are also a type of tiny house. A small apartment flat on your property, where you can stay when you need some privacy. Your very own space, curated by you, is a place to clear your mind and be in a safe haven.

Final Thoughts

When a family house gets too crowded by people or things, when you just need new storage space for belongings or just another safe rest place, the granny flat is the best place to have. Being your own property already makes you feel safe; why not build an area within it where you can do leisure and or work.

A granny flat can be a good investment for your family’s needs — may it be financially or comfortability. It’s the new and next best answer to having an extension to your private home life.

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