Cactus Garden – Home Security With Prickly Protection

Last Updated on December 9, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Law enforcement officials report that strategically placed Cactus outside house windows is an excellent intruder deterrent.

Criminologists who’ve made it their life’s work to psychologically understand illicit individuals have released reports stating that planting cacti under house windows deters potential home invaders. Criminals are notoriously cowardice and lazy, providing a deterrent can be all it takes to convince them to go somewhere else.

What Cactus Are Best to Plant

what cactus are best to plant

For security purposes the most imposing cactus with the most powerful and obvious spikes work best. Another thing to consider is that the type of cactus chosen does not grow too tall, and will spread and/or grow in a grouping.

Before choosing remember that the design should turn out to be appealing and resemble a cactus garden. A sturdy cactus that is unyielding is also a plus as a deterrent and the following are cacti that fit this description. The list will present the genus and the species:


  1. Violaceum
  2. Chionanthum
  3. Griseum
  4. Spiniflorum
  5. Brevispinus


  1. Difficilis
  2. Borwigii
  3. Salinensis
  4. Macromeris
  5. Magentae


  1. Covillei
  2. Diguetii
  3. Fordii
  4. Californicus
  5. Chrysanthus red spines

These are just a few to get the cactus garden going. These are center focus type cacti and the idea is to build around them with smaller, but equally imposing cactus plants. The cacti on the list are all flowering as it is important to make the cactus garden design aesthetically pleasing as well.

Caring For a Cactus Garden

caring for cactus garden

According to Al Dieter, Birds and Blooms “He’s Stuck on Cactus”, Apr/97, pg.38, who’s cactus collection totals over a thousand plants, “Cactus are more likely to die from over watering than under watering”.

That’s the appeal of cactus, they are so easy to care for. If planning this design tactic for regions where it gets cold, look to the local garden center specialists for which cactus plants do best in that area.

For strong healthy plants, give your cactus fertilizer foods that are specifically designed for them; once a year should be often enough. Besides fertilizing them it is important to keep an eye out for insect damage and use insecticide accordingly.

Planning the Security Cactus Garden

When formulating a plan for a cactus garden that will deter criminals, it is important to get the cactus plants tightly grouped and be sure that when full grown, they will succeed it fully covering the window.

Many gardeners choose flowering plants to interdisperse among their cactus for extra color, but be sure to use flowering plants that do not require much water or care.

Another wonderful advantage to making a cactus garden is that there are so many fascinating cactus to choose from. Cacti grow in literally thousands of different shapes and sizes, and many surprise with the most magnificent blooms. Cacti enthusiasts are fond of the saying that cactus are like snowflakes; no two are alike.

There is something very personable about cactus and people who grow them rave about their appeal. So for that added sense of security, coupled with a garden that is the talk of the neighborhood, go with cacti.