30+ Best Closet Lighting Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on December 15, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Whether it’s a closet for storing your coats, your clothes or your shoes, ample lighting is essential. Excellent closet lighting makes the most significant difference, especially for those who want to be on the top of their game as they walk out of their homes either for a night out, dinner, or for work.

Good lighting within the closet is essential in choosing your outfit at any time of the day, with most closets being very dingy rooms at the corner of the house.

This piece discusses some closet lighting ideas that will prove helpful for your home.

It is essential to remember that closets are filled with many flammable materials so the lighting fixtures must be fixed appropriately to prevent any fires

best closet lighting ideas

What type of lighting is best for closets?

The best type of lighting for closets is the energy-efficient fluorescent lights since they do not tend to get hot even after long periods of operation. Using halogen lights for closets is dangerous since they often become too hot, and when in contact with fabric, can cause irreparable damage.

Fluorescent lighting is also best for closets because they use up less energy and will save your bills in the long run.

What is the best lighting for the walk-in closet?

Lighting fixtures vary in type and size. The walk-in closets, for instance, vary in size and design, and therefore, a single lighting fixture might not be enough source of light.

Multiple overhead lighting fixtures are recommended for walk-in closets because they allow you to view every item in the closet. The use of track lights will assure seeing from multiple standing points because the light is multidirectional. Also, go with various low-watt fixtures rather than few high-watt lights because they save energy in the long run.

How bright should a closet light be?

An ideal closet should be bright enough so that you can view every item, whether on the multiple shelves or the hangers.

Essential the walls, floor, and roof of the closets should be painted white to reflect the light emanating from the lighting. The goal of ample lighting within a closet is to eliminate any shadows that may deter your sight.

The light should not be too dull or too bright to blind our eyesight. Therefore, the use of a white globe pendant is essential for sufficient lighting in the closet because it gives off diffuse light. Diffuse light is indiscriminately distributed in the entire closet, and thus, clothing is seen clearly.

Closet lighting ideas without wiring

Most people do not feel comfortable drilling into their walls to install electrical wires for their closets. Well, good news because there is a better solution for lighting your closet without using any wiring.

The technology offered by LED lighting allows you to install lights in your closets without worrying about the wiring. The LED lights can be mounted anywhere in the closet and are battery-powered, so all you have to do is replace the batteries.

Not only does the LED lighting offer energy efficiency and bright illumination to your closet, but it can also be installed with motion sensors. Such LED lighting doesn’t need any switch and automatically lights up when you walk into the closet and turns itself off when you walk out. Talk about revolution and efficiency!

Wired led closet lighting

Wired LED and fluorescent lighting are the best options for a closet. The LED lighting is applicable in every closet type, regardless of their size. Wired LED lights are the best for closets because they are energy-efficient and because their bulbs rarely become hot.

In spaces occupied by flammable materials such as closets, wired LED lighting is essential because they reduce the potential of fire outbreaks compared to halogen lights.

Low voltage closet lighting

People tend to take a lot of time when they are in the closets. This is because people will take their time while choosing their outfits. It is, therefore, essential to use low-voltage lighting.

LED lights and fluorescent lights have low wattage and thus are energy efficient and reduce the risks of higher electricity bills.

How to install led strip lights in the closet

Installing LED strips in your closet is quite simple and, in the end, will give you a beautifully well-lit closet. Just follow the following steps:

  • First, get to know how the LED strips work or function.
  • Then choose the brightness that you would prefer for your closet and also the colour.
  • Then calculate the power supply of the strips and also their lengths.

Closet lighting ideas

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Closets need ample lighting that doesn’t create any shadows as you move along. LED light, whether wired or not wired, is the best type of lighting for your closet.

The LED lighting is energy efficient and also safe because the bulbs do not get hot even after long periods of being turned on. Unlike halogen lights, which may get too hot, LED lights will not burn any of your clothing in case of accidental contact.