23+ Best Playroom Lighting Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on August 17, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

What is the best type of lighting for a playroom?

Productivity increasing lights are perfect for rooms that usually need a lot of concentration and increased productivity like playrooms.

Cooler lights are recommended for these instances. Cool lights start at a color temperature of above 5,000 K. Bright LED lights are highly recommended.

Playroom Lighting Tips

For some people, playroom lighting is incredibly important. It can go wrong very easily when certain factors are not considered. Here are some tips you need to remember before setting up lights in your kids’ playroom:

  • Base the size of your light fixtures on the size of your space. It can be very hard on the eyes when the light fixture is too big or too small! Make sure you have the right room to light ratio.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a variety of lighting options. Depending on what your child needs, lamps and some string lights might be great additions to your playroom.
  • Don’t let hanging pendants stress you out. Some people are quite intimidated by the act of hanging pendant lights, you don’t have to be afraid. Most pendant lights nowadays have very easy to follow assembly and installment instructions.
  • A table lamp is a go-to lighting fixture because it not only lights up a room but doubles as a really nice decorative piece.

10 Playroom Lighting Ideas

best playroom lighting ideas

Playroom lighting is very flexible it can be simple and it can be fun, depending on your needs and budget, there are a variety of ways one can light up a playroom to perfection:

1. Touch-sensitive modular lights

1 playroom lighting ideas

With the recent advancements in technology it can be very easy to find things that just have a certain wow factor. Helios Touch lights not only light up a room while looking cool, but it also provides a very enriching experience for a child. Shop their wide range of lighting solutions with the link below.


2. Cloud lamps

2 playroom lighting ideas

These adorable cloud lamps are especially built for the ceiling and not only provide your child with much needed light during playtime, but it also stimulates the “pretend” reflex making them subconsciously feel like they’re playing outside.

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3. Playful sunburst hanging light

3 playroom lighting ideas

A playroom needs to be fun, bright, exciting and stimulating. This decorative and functional hanging light with a sunburst style pendant is perfect for a room that needs a burst of personality.


4. Balloon pendant light

4 playroom lighting ideas

Who doesn’t love balloons? Now you can harness your love for balloons and apply it to your kids’ playroom! These pendant lights are an adorable addition to your lighting fixtures and will surely be a great hit with the kids.

5. Cartoon Surface Mounted Ceiling Light

5 playroom lighting ideas

Add a touch of whimsy to your kids’ playroom with this highly graphic and multi-dimensionally designed mounted ceiling light. Your kids will definitely feel like they’re peeking into a different world with this above their heads.

6. Hot air balloon mounted light

6 playroom lighting ideas

This mounted pendant light is a decorative wonder in itself and deserves the absolute spotlight. Of course, it will be the one providing light in the room, but even so.


7. Cloud Pendant Light

7 playroom lighting ideas

These airy little clouds are perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to a playroom. They’re easy to install and end up looking gorgeous too.


8. Moon and stars ceiling light


8 playroom lighting ideas

This incredibly magical ceiling light offers just the right touch of magic to your playroom.


9. Constellations night light

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This portable night light not only makes a great decorative piece but it is an amazing interactive piece as well.


10. Balloon Dog Night Light

10 playroom lighting ideas

This adorable balloon dog design is perfect for decor and additional lighting when it starts to get dark.


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best playroom lighting ideas

There are a number of ways a playroom can be lit up. The most important thing to remember is that playrooms are meant for play and an element of the most productive fun that can be had is the most important thing to consider.