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The FINNE Renovation been mainly concerned with kitchen design, very modern new home built in traditional Tudor located in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Kitchen design depends on creating a very simple continuous space occupied by the intense craft, counter cabinets and fittings.

Materials such as steel, walnut, limestone, Alaska textured yellow cedar, and sea weed are used in alignment, allowing any material to profit from the adjacent texture and color contrast.

The kitchen remodeling is enlarged slightly by removing the wall between the kitchen and pantry. A sustainable long east-west space has been created, approximately 25-feet long, with glass doors on both ends. The eastern end of the kitchen has two seating areas: window seats invite with soft pillows and desk area with seating, a flat screen computer, and generous shelf for cookbooks.

At the western end of the kitchen, an unusual “L” shaped door opening has been created between the kitchen and dining room, in order to provide a sense of openness between the two spaces. The next challenge is how to create a pocket sliding door that can be used to cover two rooms when occasion required the separation of a few.

The solution is a custom door with two panels, and a series of finger joints between two panels allows the door to be “L” shaped. The resulting door, called the “zipper door” by a local fabricator (Quantum Windows and Doors), can be pushed fully into the pocket wall, or rolled out and then the finger joints allowing the second panel to swing into the “L” – shape position.

Overall, the kitchen brings a fresh new spirit to a house built in 1927. In fact, the kitchen to start a conversation between the houses, the older traditional and new modern space. Although there is no mold or traditional details in the kitchen, the common language between the two periods of time is based on a rich textured materials and obsessive attention to detail and craft.


  • Project: The Finne Kitchen Renovation / Remodeling
  • Location: Seattle’s Queen Anne
  • Designer: Nils Finne’s

All photo credit and copyright: Benjamin Benschneider

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