20+ Awesome DIY Snowman Decor Ideas & Projects

Best snowman decor ideas for this Christmas

Winters are a time of wonder, fun and amazement, even though, sometimes, it is a bit too cold. Winters may not be loved by everybody, but they will always have a soft spot for snow in their backyard. Snow has its own ethereal beauty, and all the white around you makes you feel like you’re in some sort of paradise. There are so many fun activities one can do with snow, even then, the most popular one is building snowmen. There are so many ways in which you can dress up your snowman, and some of these 20 DIY snowmen decoration ideas will be perfect for you.

20 Amazing Diy Snowman Decorations

best snowman decor ideas for christmas

1. Green Garlands

Green GarlandsYou can always dress up your snowman with some beautiful green, leafy garlands. You can also add some Christmas decorations on those garlands, to make them look even more Christmas-y. 

2. The Lit Snowman

The Lit SnowmanYou can add some blinking, fairy-lights in the body of the snowman. These lights can really make it look beautiful, with all the shimmering and prettiness. You can also add a scarf to your snowman, because he too might feel cold!

3. The Red And White Stripes

The Red And White StripesYou can either knit or buy some Christmas-y scarves and headgears for your snowman, particularly the ones with red and white stripes. 

4. The Glass Snowman

The Glass SnowmanYou just have to get three large glass bowls, where you can put in some ice or some fake ice, to give it the white texture. Then you can also add in some decorations inside, and pile them on top of one another, in descending order, to make it look like a snowman. And don’t forget the top hat!

5. The Balloon Snowman

The Balloon SnowmanYou can build a snowman out of one or two large, white balloons, and add in some amazing scarves with a top-hat to make it look more original.

6. Paper Snowman

Paper SnowmanYou can also build a snowman out of paper cut in a way to represent a snowman. You just need some study paper, and add in some greed paper cuttings to pose as scarves on your snowman. And you’re ready. 

7. Bronze Hands

Bronze HandsYou can also add in some bronze hands to your snowman, to add to the human effect. You can just build the snowman out of snow, and get some bronze-colored metallic, malleable sticks, which you can shape like hands and place on the snowman. 

8. The Cold Snowman

The Cold SnowmanGiving certain accessories to your snowman is in style. You can put some woolen clothes, like headscarves, caps, or sweaters to your snowman, to protect him from the biting cold. Make sure that you don’t keep him too warm, or he’ll melt!

9. Wool Snowman

Wool SnowmanYou can also build a snowman out of wool. You just need to get a wool snowman knitting kit, and start knitting. The best thing about this snowman is that he won’t melt. 

10. Thermocol Snowman

Thermocol SnowmanAll you have to do to make this particular snowman is get a thermocol sheet. Take the sheet and cut it in the shape of a snowman. You can also add in some real or fake ornaments and a scarf to make the snowman look real. 

11. Sweater Snowman

Sweater SnowmanYou can make this snowman using an old sweater of yours. You just need to tie it up at the neck, like a real snowman, and add in some cute ornaments to make it look cuter, and well, prettier. 

12. Glass Jar Snowman

Glass Jar SnowmanYou could have seen this snowman design in some of the shops around you. For this snowman, you need to get two large glass jars, one smaller and rounder than the other. Place one on top of the other and finish with a top-hat. 

13. Red Accessories

Red AccessoriesYou can also add some red accessories to your snowman, even if it is too small to place outside. You can just buy two small snowmen, and keep them in your room. Decorate them with red caps and scarves, and you have your beautiful Christmas decoration. 

14. Christmas Caps

Christmas CapsYou can also add some names to your snowman’s Christmas caps, to add in some personal touches for your friends and your family members.Source

15. The Lit Nose

The Lit NoseYou can make a small fairy light the nose of your snowman. You can just fit it in the center rather than a carrot nose, and it’ll shine to make you fall in love with the snowman. Source

16. Kitty Snowman

Kitty SnowmanYou can design the face of your snowman like a hello kitty, to make it more special. 

17. Wooden Snowman

Wooden SnowmanYou can just place some white thermocol between a round wooden circle, and stick it hard with glue. You can place them on top of another and you have a unique snowman. Source

18. Bauble Snowman

Bauble SnowmanYou can take some silver-colored baubles, actually, a lot of them and place them in the shape of a snowman. You can add in some scarves to make it look more realistic. Source

19. Card Snowman

Card SnowmanYou can even make snowmen out of cards. All you gotta do is cover those cards with white paper, and tie a ribbon on the quarter top of it, and some eyes.Source

20. Snowman Mason Jar

Snowman Mason JarYou can also build a snowman mason jar with ornaments and some cotton. SourceConclusionNo matter what, the real deal about a snowman is the fun associated with it. If you can have fun, you have already won. 




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