How to Style your Interior with Fluffy Blankets?

How to Style your Interior with Fluffy Blankets?

Last Updated on November 27, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you looking for something multipurpose that can be used to design multiple furniture items? If yes, with a little effort, fluffy blankets make the best fit for the interior.

They help to redesign the interior you have lived in for so long and have been boring by adding a pop of color and texture to it. So instead of replacing everything, all you need is to use this exceptionally soft and comfortable piece of fabric only to change the color scheme and add an aesthetic touch to the interior.

They come in a wide range of colors, design, material, and pattern which allow the user to limit the risks & experiment various looks.  Below are given a few ideas to help you style your place using fluffy blankets. Keep on reading to find out…

1.   To add style to the sofa

Sofa with fluffy blanket

Sofas are one of the most important furniture accessories in a house, and people invest a handsome amount of money and their precious time while buying or choosing them, respectively. Most of us cover them with sofa protector in order to make and with daily wear and tear very unlikely & make them appear

Many of us have also heard of large sofa throws which are used in a number of ways to design sofa. Fluffy blankets in the right color and pattern that match the overall theme of your interior and can be used in place of throws. No matter if they are folded up neatly and draped on the arm of the sofa or are placed over all open on the back seat of a couch, a good quality blanket will always create a pleasing and luxurious look.

 If you are not sure which color blanket you should use, opt for white or off white color because they mix and match well with all the interiors and room accessories.

2.   To design chairs

Just like a sofa, neatly folded blankets can be used to drape over the armchair to give it a conservative and sophisticated look. This technique is suitable to design the bedroom, conservatory, or study room chairs & even in the drawing-room where there is a corner for the chair.

 To be honest, there are infinite numbers of ways you can use this throw blanket to drape or slide over the chair. But there will be only one or two that will work best in your space, so be careful when experimenting.

3.   To dress up the bed

To decorate your bed with fluffy blanket

When it comes to using fluffy blankets to design the bed, there are un-abundant options available. A few of which are simple while others include complicated procedures. Let’s discuss the simplest ones only, so if you are a beginner, he/she can use it to ensemble his/her bed as well.

The simplest method is to fold the blanket into half & stretch it on the bottom of the bed. If your bed is small, or small double, just fold the blanket and place it near the foot side, but if your mattress is large or king-size, stretch it to one three fourth of the bed, leaving space against the headboard for pillows and cushions.

For larger beds, a small, nicely folded throw can be draped on either side of the bed as well. This is an excellent method to introduce colors & texture to the room. Moreover, when the weather is cold, this throw will help you to cover your shoulders or legs while watching your favorite TV show or reading a novel/book.

4.   Style up the Coffee table

This is another fantastic way of adding color and texture to your room. This method is not only limited to the bedroom but also the drawing room and the guest rooms wherever you have a coffee table. This is a very informal technique that encourages the visitor or the guest to use these blankets if they feel cold. This technique is the best in the winter, especially for a place like a conservatory.

In case you do not have a coffee table, you can use any wooden cabin or ordinary tables. Place them in one corner of the room to keep the folded blanket on them & if the table or the booth are big enough, accessories with a small antique piece or a vase containing fresh flowers.

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Benefits of Fluffy blankets to any interior

Benefits of Fluffy blankets to any interior

They not only add style to your place but bring many benefits as well. A few of these are given below;

1.   Bring life to the room

The purpose of a throw or blanket is not only to provide the user with comfort but to add texture and warmth to the place as well. They effortlessly fit into the room’s color scheme & complement it. Moreover, the exciting colors add life to a lifeless room, enhancing its features & balancing out the neutrality as well as the sharpness.

Pink, grey, charcoal grey, taupe, & duck egg are the best options from the neutral color palette, whereas, for warm hues, earthy tones like deep orange, brown, deep red, and mustard yellow are recommended.  Also, be careful about the patterned throws because not all places embrace the textured accessories gracefully.

2.   Softness & comfort of the material

The extra plush fabric feels incredibly soft & luxurious no matter whether it’s summer or winter. Generally, the construction material used in the manufacturing of these blankets is a lightweight, thermal insulator, breathable, hypoallergenic, and water-resistant. All these features, when combined, create a luxuriously soft & comfortable space for the user belonging to all groups and body types.

3.   Thermal insulation

This is the basic purpose of any topper, no matter if it is folded at the foot side or draped over the bed. Fluffy blankets are double-sided, one of which is plain and the other contains a thin, soft pile which incorporates the other side and brings warmth to the bed. The warmth of these toppers increases with the thickness of the pile.

Extreme weather conditions always interrupt the sleep because the core body temperature changes rapidly. The rise and fall to the average temperature can lead to appropriate sleep stages, which can disturb your slumber and leads to sleep deprivation in the long run. It is worthy of mentioning here; these toppers are not very warm and equally suitable for the winter, spring, and autumn for most of the people.

4.   Add an aesthetic touch to old furniture

Are you tired of the monochromatic look of your sofas or armchairs but do not have enough budget for their upholstery or replacement? Or are there any signs of pet fur, ripped upholstery, or scratched polish? There’s nothing to worry about when you have your beloved blankets & large sofa throws. They can cover your problems & enhance the overall appearance up to a great extent.

Moreover, if you are thinking of improving the furniture visually, these throws can work. If you are just a beginner, or want to achieve a sophisticated look, choose a lightweight or thin throw. They’ll appear less stuffed & require less space which will resultantly help to make the furniture look spacious & so do your room.

5.   Affordable redesigning

Just like swapping the king size bed sheets according to occasion and seasons, you can use throw blankets as well to change or update the existing look. They are a very affordable way to design a cold and make it look specific for a particular occasion or event.

All you need is to choose the right color and pattern to change the space for holidays, welcome someone special, or elders coming home.

6.   Easy maintenance

Unlike the bulky toppers, which are stuffed with thick and heavy insulating materials, fluffy blankets are washable. All you need is to follow the manufacturer’s direction for washing and care to make them last longer, making any chance of wear and tear due to mishandling very rare.

Also, make sure you store them correctly; they are smaller in size and require less space in the cupboard. Plus, if you do not want their texture to be arranged, keep them in an airtight container or a basket inside your wardrobe or bedroom.

7.   No static pressure

These blankets are lightweight and the best go-to choice for those who feel pressure rise while sleeping for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety. They improve the deep pressure, touch visitors, and help the body to relax naturally. Maybe this is the reason many people find them comfortable even in the summer and autumn.

Ending note

This brings us to the end of our discussion. In the article, we have discussed essential styling tips and benefits of using fluffy blankets. We hope that after reading this article, you will successfully style up your place with them. All you need is to have a premium quality fluffy topper & once you have got it, you can use it every night and in every possible way you want.