20 Easy Campfire Treats Your Kids Will Love

Last Updated on December 15, 2023 by Jason Nguyen

When we talk about Campfire, we know that our kids love the outdoor treats and their favorite part of experiencing camping is the campfire. 


1. Make quick and easy Campfire Tarts.

1 easy campfire treats


Campfire tarts are the great idea for your holiday camping and it is easy to make. To make the easiest campfire tarts you just toast your biscuit over a campfire and then layered with pie filling and whipped cream.



2. Make snack boxes for your road trip

2 easy campfire treats


The great way to keep your children charged is the road trip snack boxes.  We also have great fun having these road trip snack boxes. 



3. Cinnamon roll lovers drive  

3 easy campfire treats


Campfire cinnamon rolls are the great desert which you crave when it’s summer. The orange makes the cinnamon roll moist and delicious with a great and beautiful presentation. 



4. Or you can make French bread pizzas 

4 easy campfire treats


French bread pizza is the best and easy camping recipe. You just spread the ketchup and cheese on it and put it in a cooler, then toss them on the coals when you are ready to eat it.



5. Learn to make PB&J Granola Bars.

5 easy campfire treats


These granola bars are very popular in some cities. These bars are very quick to get baked in less than 10 to 15 minutes. Pack these granola bar with you and enjoy it. 



6. A foil packet full of fries.

6 easy campfire treats


Fries is the best meal which children as well as younger people love to eat. This is the great way to make your campfire camping interesting with some foil pack loaded fries. 



7. Get the sweet apple pie in a cup.

7 easy campfire treats


The fresh apple pie filled with grilled apple would work. These apple fruit cups are very delicious. 



8. Get S’mores in a Bag.

8 easy campfire treats


The S’mores in a bag having great fun when we are going to plan some campfire camping outdoors. This is a very important part of camping to have s’mores in our bag. 



9. Make tasty Campfire Cones. 

9 easy campfire treats


Campfire cones are the great substitute to the grimy s’mores and this is the best camping recipe which we should try when going for campfire camping. 



10. For Raspberry lovers

10 easy campfire treats


Raspberry s’mores are the delicious camping recipe. In this snack we used some kind of biscuit, chocolate, marshmallow, and raspberry in it. 



11. The new camping food is Quesadillas.

11 easy campfire treats


Camping quesadillas is one of our favorite dishes which is very hot and cheesy. This is the best meal which we find to cook over the campfire. Our children also like to eat quesadillas and also have fun when they eat this quesadillas campfire camping.



12. Does your kid like tacos? 

12 easy campfire treats


Tacos are the best snack which we are always craving for. This is obvious when we are going to campfire camping, we must have to carry some tacos in our bag. You can also eat tacos with different meals which you want to eat according to your taste. 



13. Make your own Instant Oatmeal.

13 easy campfire treats


Mostly children like to eat instant oatmeal which is slightly best for their health. This is the best sweet little packet of breakfast strategy which is quick and easy to make when going for campfire camping. 



14. Make Dump Cakes for the campfire.

14 easy campfire treats scaled 1


 When we are having campfire camping the best sweet dessert is the dump cake which is very easy to make. You just packed up the one chocolate mix with two cans of pie filling. The combination of chocolate mix with cherry pie filling is the best option when we are camping. 



15. Make Apple Bites for fruit loving kids.

15 easy campfire treats


The best snack is the apple cookies which are the favorite dessert of most children. The apple strengthens the heart and decreases the mucus and increases the body fluids. First you make the slices of crispy juicy apple, smothered the apple with nut butter and then topped with shredded coconut and chocolate chips. 



16. If tacos aren’t your type then make Nachos.

16 easy campfire treats


When we are going for some interesting trip or campfire camping, we must have to pack nachos with us because this is very important. The sound of nachos is really good when we are planning the camping meal. 



17. Peach Cobbler, another fruitful treat.

17 easy campfire treats


The campfire peach cobbler is the best recipe for some people and they are craving for it. This recipe is the easiest and quick which most people try. The Dutch oven peach cobbler recipe is the yummiest recipe which we have ever seen. Our children really like to eat this peach cobbler recipe. 


18. You can make potato boats 

18 easy campfire treats


If your kids love potatoes, you can make them potato boats by following the right recipe given for it. 



19. Learn to make brown bears 

19 easy campfire treats


You have to learn to make brown bears so that your kids have something to cheer upon while they camp. 



20. Get egg and bacon in a paper bag 

20 easy campfire treats


If your kids love eggs and you are camping, get eggs and bacon in a paper bag. This smart campfire treat can give your children a day to remember. Just make sure the kids eat them on time.



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