3 Easy DIY Hacks To Revamp Your Outdoor Space

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

The long periods of isolation at home during the Covid-19 pandemic impressed upon all of us the joy of spending time outside and the importance of having our own outdoor space to relax in.

The garden suddenly became a central part of our socializing, even in the colder winter months. While our routines are getting back to normal, our appreciation of the garden remains as strong as ever.

If there was something you felt your outdoor space was missing this summer, plan ahead for next year and investigate these three easy DIY hacks which will help to revamp your garden.

Build simple seating

outdoor seating

Garden furniture, although designed to withstand mixed weather, does not last long when exposed to harsh rain, snow, and sunlight. This makes pre-made garden furniture an expensive investment.

Save yourself money and build simple seating yourself. This can be easily achieved by assembling wood pallets or planks into a straightforward bench design using nothing more than a saw, a drill, sanding paper, and nails.

Use a container with clear compartments like a Milwaukee tool bag to keep your tools and PPE safely together while you are working outside – the last thing you want is to leave a nail lying around!

When your seating is assembled, do not forget to apply suitable protective varnish to protect the wood from extreme weather conditions. You can also paint your pallets to add vibrancy to your outdoor space.

Oak and pine are particularly absorbent which means that they will absorb paint quickly. As well as benches and chairs, other DIY garden furniture ideas using just wooden pallets include a low-rise coffee table or even a picnic table for outdoor dining.

Upcycle old furniture

Do you have any old unwanted furniture that you are planning to toss out or donate to charity? Think before you part with it and see if it could be repurposed as outdoor furniture.

This will save you money and give once loved possessions another lease of life. Old cabinets can be used to store drinks in a BBQ area.

A damaged display case can be dismantled and placed next to the back door to showcase small plants. Drawers of any size can be a great way to store tools in the garden shed.

Get decorative

Last but certainly not least, do not be afraid to do smaller more decorative DIY touches in your garden.

Why not create your own trellis to back your climbing plants? All you need to do is to nail together thin pallets in a criss-cross design to your desired height and install this against the wall.

Again this gives you the freedom to paint it in any color of your choice for an extra visual pop. You could also make simple shelves and fit these against the side of the shed to display your favorite flowers, or close to the kitchen door to keep cooking herbs close at hand.

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