22+ Halloween Party Decorations for a Haunted Mood

Hosting a Halloween party need not end with the outfits and the nibbles. One could make the party unique with a few Halloween party accessories to create mood.

Holding a Halloween party can be made into an extra special occasion by the incorporation of a few party ideas to make it memorable, and one need not look far. There are lots of Halloween decorations to surprise the guests and create a really spooky ambience. Extra fun could be provided for kids wishing to make their own Halloween crafts.

Halloween Party Lights

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Effective use of lighting can set the party atmosphere if used in conjunction with candles. Party Delights, John Lewis, Party Pieces and Monster Parties among others sell a range of Happy Halloween lights to create a talking point.

One such example is a string of twenty glowing pumpkin heads, or if preferred, intermixed with ghosts, which can be draped across dark passageways and corners.

A further talking point could be provided by a string of hanging hooded heads with changing colours. If one is willing to splash out a little more, a Halloween fibre optic black cat will serve to mesmerise young guests with its fiery stare, and if the weather permits, Tea light garden lanterns with spooky silhouettes could create anticipation as the guests arrive at the house.

Halloween Balloons

6 haunted halloween party decorations

Spooky balloons for Halloween are becoming more popular and designs are more innovative, not least inflatable skeletons, eyeballs, skulls and pumpkin balloons. But if the party host really wants to create a lasting impression, Party Delights stock an inflatable ghost with flying bats.

Standing almost six feet tall, this ghost harbours hoards of bats that fly inside the ghost’s body, creating a spooky sound.

Halloween Garlands and Crackers

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John Lewis stock a stylish array of garlands and mobiles consisting of spiders, cats and witches. A Halloween chandelier with bats is an ideal centre-point for the room or if preferred, a skull and crossbones party garland.

Monster Parties stock diverse range of Halloween scene setters such as window silhouettes and captive creatures to decorate any room. For dark corners and ceilings, the host may drape doorways and windows with mock cobwebs dotted with spiders to complete the effect.

Spooky Tableware

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Party Packs stock a large range of halloween tableware the host might easily overlook, such as table decorations, candles, party bags, toys and invitations. But with careful planning, the party need not overspill the budget, but allow surplus for Kids’ Halloween costumes and the food.

More Haunted Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

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Hints & Tips for the Halloween Party Planner

The Halloween party host may wish to create a memorable occasion by looking for unique ideas to set the scene. Party lights such as glowing ghosts, hanging hooded heads, tea lights and a fibre optic cat offer something different, as does spooky balloons, spider garlands and a bat chandelier.

But one does not have to break the purse to create great ambience. The host may use a few of these ideas to spruce up a generic Halloween setting consisting of candles and black sheeting.

best halloween party decorations for haunted mood



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