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This summer has been one of the hottest summers on record in the history of our entire planet. Today we will discuss two main things: Why we are so hot these days, and how we can keep cool. One thing we know for sure is that this summer has been boiling hot.

There have been countless viral videos of the experiences people are having all over the world that exemplify the overbearing heat that everyone is dealing with now. Everywhere you go, people all over the world (and their animals) are struggling to deal with this incredible, world record breaking heat.

First, let us discuss a few examples of the severity of the heat we are experiencing right now so that we can eventually understand why local AC repair is going to be so critically important in people’s lives this summer.

In India, the weather is so hot that the honeybees and bumble bees are not interested in coming outside to fertilize the plants through the process of pollination, which we all know happens when the tiny hairs on a bee’s legs and body attract pollen grains and allow bees to do their magic and help the plants out.

This has made the Indian crop of mangoes this year to be a very small harvest, as the mangoes have only grown on the inside of the tree where no sunlight touches.

Orlando Is As Hot As Everywhere Else

In this world today where people are on their social media platforms frying eggs outdoors, burning bugs with magnifying glasses and getting sunburned from simply stepping out onto their backyard patios, we need solutions that go beyond using hand fans.

We know that with this increasing trend of climate change, the noticeable change that the experience of summer is having on humans is making us simply want to stay indoors more often, especially if there is air conditioning in our homes and places of work.

At this point, it may be considered cruel and unusual punishment to force people to work in an environment that does not have good air conditioning that can be relied upon by its users daily.

As I am sure everyone knows, the effect of raising prices because of inflation has made it so that many people cannot afford to go on vacation to Iceland or the North Pole as they might want to this year.

So, people are going to have to find more clever ways to stay cool by necessity, all the while knowing that we took the cool breezes that exist outside for granted earlier in the year.

You may be on the edge of your seat experiencing real fear if you find out that your air conditioning unit is broken and it needs servicing, so it is highly likely that you will want to learn more about the options available to you with regard to fixing the unit in your home or place of employment.

People tend to want to beat the heat by going to the pool and lounging in the water to cool down with their friends. But have you seen the prices of attending a pool these days?

It was recently in the news that in the United States of America, hotels are charging up to fifteen hundred dollars for customers to rent a cabana by a pool, with a minimum charge of two hundred dollars to simply reserve a spot by the pool!

Pool side comfort seems to be the most obviously free thing you might experience to remain cool, but people are charging a lot of money. Until there can be systemic solutions to the type of capitalist greed, we see in the United States that results in such price gouging, our home air conditioning units can serve as a continued stopgap measure to keep us cool in regular environments.

Finding Your Cool in Florida

air conditioner 1

People say that supply and demand is the reason we have to struggle with such exorbitant prices, but in truth, corporate greed is likely the main reason why we have no other alternatives to stay cool in fun areas this summer.

The toxic gases that we are releasing into our skies causing the kind of air pollution that warms us up are being foisted upon us by these greedy people.

And we know that air conditioning is going to use electricity, thereby contributing to the issue, but as end users of this product we are not directly to blame as the corporate overlords that exist are doing more to mess with our climate than we could possibly ever accomplish.

When we have a chance to air condition our spaces, we must take advantage of that opportunity immediately. The coolant that is required to keep our vehicles cool is extremely expensive, and yet, we can still be struggling with the prices of literally anything that is uncomfortably hot and humid inside our own homes.

Many of us understand that summertime is coming when we see the mosquitoes coming out with the requisite mosquito bites we will undoubtedly endure, and we think that that is torturous enough.

But now we know that to remain cool, our summertime is going to take more than ice cream and freeze pops. Many people say that having a good time during the summer is contingent upon being able to remain cool and enjoy the weather without feeling oppressed by it. Air conditioning is the only way that we can accomplish that.

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