Advantages of Central Air Conditioning System

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Due to the specific climate, air conditioners are a common amenity in Australian households. Homeowners can choose different cooling options for their homes, depending on their size and space requirements. In case you have two or more rooms that you want to cool, the best solution is central air conditioning.

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Central AC Systems: The Heart of Home Cooling Solutions

Pleasant temperatures in your home, regardless of the season and weather, enable a comfortable stay inside throughout the year. Air conditioning gives you the ultimate comfort of setting the indoor microclimate as it suits you, and the central AC system makes that possible in just a few clicks.

This system consists of central units, ductwork, coils, and registers. The air is sucked in and taken to the cooling unit, where it’s cooled using freon. Then, it goes further into the ductwork and gets into the rooms. You can regulate airflow by opening or closing registers.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

You might think whether it’s worth investing in central air conditioning. If your home is spacious or you simply want control over the room conditions, this AC option might be the best choice. In case you have second thoughts, we give you a list of advantages that make this system the best solution for your home.

Single Control Unit

With central AC, both comfort and convenience are raised to a higher level. A single unit regulates the temperature in the entire home, and it’s usually located in the attic or outside your house. Cooled air circulates through all rooms thanks to the ductwork and exits into the rooms through registers.

For even more convenience, you can opt for a zoned system. It works similarly to having separate AC in each room, but it’s still a single cooling unit, just a different setting. You can close registers on premises you don’t use and cool only occupied rooms, thus saving both energy and money. You can have different settings for each room and adjust them using a single control unit or a smartphone app.

Another benefit of the central AC system is that it takes up much less space than separate air cons. On the contrary, wall-mounted or window units need more room. As said, the cooling appliance is outside or in the attic, while the ductwork goes through the walls. It not only takes up less space but also improves the curb appeal of your property.

Simple Maintenance

Every cooling system requires regular maintenance to function smoothly. Since central air conditioning is a single unit, its maintenance is much simpler than with multiple devices, no matter how big your house is.

One filter is much easier to clean or replace than several, and you should do that before each cooling season or even often, especially if you have pets or smokers in your home.

Central cooling systems aren’t noisy. They work quietly, which comes in handy when you have to leave them on at night. In case they become louder, you can suspect potential breakdowns and react promptly. On this link, find out which are common AC problems.

Better Cooling Efficiency

If you live in hot and humid areas in Australia, cooling can be a real challenge. When you have multiple AC units in your home, achieving a comfortable temperature in all the rooms often requires them to work overtime. And waking up in the middle of the night to change settings can be daunting.

Central air conditioning provides even cooling throughout all rooms, which means better energy use and output. The overall efficiency is better because all rooms cool down to the desired temperature quickly. For the same effect, separate units would need more time and energy.

With one operating unit, energy usage is lower than with a window air con or a split AC system. This means a lot when the cooling is on most of the time. Eventually, this benefit of central air conditioning will be noticeable in your electricity bills, which will be significantly lower.

Better Air Quality

Many homeowners pay more attention to the air temperature while often neglecting its quality. The air can contain dust, allergens, and all kinds of pollutants that can trigger breathing issues and other health problems. That’s why it has to be purified, and your central AC can clean the air in no time.

Filters from the cooling system trap all particles from the air, mold spores, pet hair, and dander, thus making the air inside your home much cleaner and lighter. Also, it ensures the optimal humidity inside the rooms. Just make sure to clean or change them frequently.

Installation and Maintenance Tips for Central AC Systems

installation maintenance tips for central ac systems

We give you a few handy tips to ensure your central AC is up and running.

Leave Installation to Professionals

Your cooling system will perform well when set on the right foot. It’s best to entrust the installation to professional central AC installers and call them at least once a year for regular system upkeep.

They know how to set these air cons up and running because they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and practice in working with different systems.

Perform Regular System Checks

DIY AC repairs aren’t recommended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t check your air conditioning from time to time. Pay attention to whether the cooling is uniform in all rooms, whether the system is on but doesn’t cool, whether there are unusual sounds, smells, leaks, etc. Detecting AC issues on time can save you a lot of trouble and money.

Set the Optimal Cooling Temperature

The optimal room temperature during hot days is 23℃ to 24℃. But if you raise it for a single degree, your AC won’t work as hard to cool your rooms. Your cooling system will last longer, and your energy bills will be lower.

Central AC systems have many good sides, providing Australian homeowners with ultimate comfort and convenience. They’re long-lasting and not high maintenance, and you can enjoy most benefits if you use them responsibly and give them regular upkeep.


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