Home Extensions Vs. Granny Flats for Aging Parents in Perth

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As our parents and loved ones age, ensuring their safety and overall well-being becomes important in living spaces. In Perth, there are two popular options: home extensions and granny flats. Both options have pros and cons, and the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

In this article, we will be comparing a standard home extension project to building a granny flat. While both can be suitable living spaces for our relatives, we will dig in further to understand the comparison between the two and help you create an informed decision.

What Are Granny Flats?

Granny flats are living areas usually built on backyards or accessible areas of your property. They offer a self-contained space and independent living experience for your senior parents or relatives.

The popularity of these flats is rising, with companies like Summit Granny Flats Perth offering consultations and services for a dedicated granny flat.

Perks of a Granny Flat

To better understand granny flats, here are some key considerations and advantages for building one in your area.

Independent Living

Granny flats give your parents a sense of independence and privacy while keeping them close for safety and assistance. With their own space, they can have this sense of ownership and independence with their dedicated appliances.

At the same time, you still have that reassuring comfort that you are just a few walks away to bond and keep them company.

Improved Quality of Life

Because of their dedicated spaces and utilities, granny flats can enhance the living experience of your aging parents. They can maintain their sense of ownership and control, which is healthy for their physical and mental well-being.


On top of being near families and relatives, granny flats can be further optimized to have accessibility features when needed. Your parents can enjoy their spaces with slip-resistant steps, wheelchair-friendly areas, and other modifications to assist them with their mobility and overall safety,


When your parents don’t need a granny flat anymore, you can still use the space for many reasons since it’s still a room with all the dedicated fixtures of a typical house. For example, you can use granny flats as a receiving area for visiting relatives and friends staying longer at your property.

You can also dedicate a space for your kids and a recreation room for games and activities and convert your granny flat to a gaming house or a small home office for businesses. Speaking of business, you can make it a rental or a transient space for other families and travelers looking for a communal space.

With that said, let’s compare it with a typical home extension project.

Home Extensions

Home extensions involve adding space or living areas to your existing property to cater to your parents. This option requires extensive wall breaking and renovation to place your parents comfortably.

Like granny flats, they come in different specifications and designs, but here are the advantages of extending your home for your parents.

Emotional Connection

Home extensions allow your parents to continue living where they are emotionally connected, especially extended families with a strong bond of staying together in one house. This connection is essential for parents who want to focus more on family and their grandchildren.


While home extensions are generally expensive, they can provide savings by reducing the need to maintain upkeep on utilities and insurance.

Additionally, regulations are not that strict on extensions, and you don’t even need to buy new appliances since they are still in one place. Although, you may need to renovate and add a few details and furniture to maximize the comfort of this new space for your parents.

Legal and Other Considerations

Before you start choosing which is better for your parents, there are some considerations that you need to set. In granny flats, you must check in with Perth’s regulations and requirements for obtaining the necessary licenses. While the terms may vary from one area to another, Perth’s local council is strict on construction sizes, distances, and approvals.

On the other hand, home extensions can be made without many issues. Still, you can look at its feasibility and structural integrity if your property can support an extension. Thus,  connect with a proper builder who can help you navigate the process and plan accordingly.

After all, it is annoying to hear construction noises around your area. How much more if it’s inside your home?

Final Thoughts

Choosing between both options depends on how much you are willing to invest and what works best for your parents. Home extensions provide closeness and affordability that your parents can appreciate and be connected with their environment. On the other hand, granny flats provide an enhanced quality of life and a potential long-term asset whether your parents need it or not.

By looking at different factors and preferences, you can always lead to a decision that meets your parent’s needs. While ensuring their comfort and happiness as they spend more time with themselves and their families.

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