How to Improve the Lives of Farm Animals

Last Updated on April 16, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

This is a strange time to be a carnivore and perhaps a moment of triumph for all those vegans and vegetarians out there. We live in times when animal rights are a serious matter and eating meat is not just a personal choice but an ethical issue with serious consequences for the world’s economy.

Although stakes, burgers, or any other farm product is far from being eradicated from our menus, people are turning to alternative food sources in great numbers.

They will tell you that you are what you eat and most of the world eats dairy products or chopped animals, so we need to appreciate our farm friends and everything they provide for us. If you are going to eat someone, at least try to make his life easier before turning him into a delicious steak in a bechamel sauce. 

Go Vegan

go vegan

Try going vegan or vegetarian for a while just for the fun or health benefits if you care about the condition of your digestive system or blood vessels. Caring about the welfare of our animal friends is a humane thing to do, so making a few changes in your diet is the least you can do.

Perhaps one is not interested in the ethical component of eating farm animals but is very much concerned about his own health. If so, his food choices should not include anything with red meat in it, and a vegan diet is a perfect place to start or experiment with a different menu. If soya, tofu, or a lot of greens does not appeal to one’s belly, he or she can always go back to his carnivore routine.

Being vegan or vegetarian has its benefits for you and for all those farm animals whose lives one may spare by skipping a few steak meals. We understand that some people prefer pigs or lambs to peas and carrots but all we are saying is that one should give alternative diets a try.

It may change your life, make one healthier, save his money, and make him feel better about himself. Animals across the globe will thank you and appreciate your support in the quest of making their lives better. Next time you eat a Porkchop, remember that no animal needs to be harmed or eaten unless you really want it to be so.

Caring About Animals

That is essentially what we do, we look at animals as lower forms of life and we exploit them to our advantage. Life on farms is hard for every animal from a horse to a chicken, but we can make it easier and make all our mammal cousins happy.

Learning about animal rights is paramount to make a difference so reading animal rights essay papers can be the first step in that direction. Perhaps it will motivate you to question your current habits and change things for the better. Maybe it will open your eyes to realizing that people are stealing everything from the animals without giving anything back.

We take honey from the bees, milk from cows, or even wool from the sheep and we think that we are entitled to these goods because we own these animals. Perhaps we can give something back like love or respect to these creatures that have been feeding us since the dawn of time.

Life on farms should be easier in so many ways especially regarding animal sheltering conditions or their overall diet. If we take good care of them, they will provide us with healthier milk, cheese, eggs, or any other derivative that we use so extensively. We can at least treat them with care or respect if we are to use all those products that we take from them so viciously. 

Spread The Word

care for animals

Cows or pigs raised in captivity do not know anything but sleeping or eating until the moment of their imminent doom. It is hard to imagine living such a life with no joy or purpose rather than to become someone’s dinner one day.

Many people just do not know anything about cruel life on farms as they just buy their meat wrapped in plastic bags in grocery stores. Perhaps educating our public or even children in schools about the reality of farm animals breeding could be a key in improving their welfare just a little bit. We are wasting so much food out of sheer arrogance and so many herbivore lives just out of ignorance. 

Eating is no longer about the survival of the fittest, at least not in most civilized countries on this planet. People hunt for sports rather than filling their bellies so animal meat is not essential for our survival. We must learn about alternative cuisine sources plus proper animal treatment in captivity.

Educational videos, essays, or lectures can be very helpful in spreading this word to our general public, especially young people who still haven’t formed their opinion. This world can become a much better place if we find some way to peacefully coexist with our mammal friends. 

Take your stance but even if you are a carnivore, at least make some conscious effort in making animal’s lives more bearable, with less suffering if possible. Just skip one meal that contains meat weekly and that is a good start in improving the lives of farm animals across the world.

This doesn’t have to be a world where one either eats or is eaten by someone else. We should all coexist, love our farm friends and perhaps enjoy some healthy fruits or vegetables together. People need to be humane and treat animals the way they would like to be treated by someone else.