How To Design A Student’s Workplace: 7 Ideas For Inspiration

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Whether it’s an elementary school child or a ready-for-college young person, students need their secluded space at home where they can study, write their assignments, or work over favorite projects. And while a desk and a chair might be sufficient, it’s not inspiring at all.

In fact, recent studies have shown that well-designed working space can boost efficiency, improve memorization, and spark enthusiasm even when the activity is nothing more than a boring routine. So if you’ve recently noticed a lack of concentration and you get to procrastinate way too often, don’t rush to put a cross on yourself. Perhaps, this is the case when the tools really should be blamed.

With that in mind, here are a few no-sweat ideas on how you can deck out your studying space – be it at home or in the dorm room.

Choose a Loft-Style Desk

loft style desk

When it comes to arranging a student’s workplace, many criteria should be taken into consideration. Not only has it to be functional but also stylish and most importantly, spacious enough – as when you feel restricted in any way, your mind becomes as much confined.

“As I started working part-time for a college paper writing service, I bought a new large desk. I forgot what all-nighters are as my productivity doubled,” shared Ellen Brandt, a graduate student from Alabama.

A loft-style desk is a perfect pick for those who value minimalistic comfort, freedom, and functionality. There are many different types of those on the market; you can choose a desk in different colors, with or without drawers, and even in terms of table-legs there is a handful to select from.

Besides its stunning design, a loft desk allows freedom for legs so whatever pose you choose for studying, be sure you’ll get comfy. But the best about it, only you get to decide how to arrange plenty of free space both under the desk and on the tabletop. Fill it with stylish organizers or leave as it is – let your creativity do the work. 

Get a Stylish Chair

office chair

Now, when you have a stylish desk, a matching chair will finish the ensemble. But don’t rush to base your choice on how it looks alone – keep in mind that you’ll be spending most of your time in it.

While some chairs may seem like a better design solution, they can be a real killer for your back – and it’s what you want to avoid at any cost. Consider chairs made of soft, back-friendly materials; it may be textile, eco-leather, or even genuine leather.

As an option, you can go for a gamer chair. With the wealth of different types up for grabs, it won’t be a problem to get the one that fits your workplace in terms of color and style. Do some digging – there’s definitely your perfect chair out there.

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Get a Wall of Inspiration

wall art

Humans are no robots; we can’t be focused and productive 24/7 – for half an hour can be a challenge sometimes. But rather than stare on the bare wall, or what’s worse swiping an Instagram feed, when the idea slips your mind, give it some leg-up by building your ideal wall of inspiration.

This can be anything you like: family pictures, strings of lights, motivational posters, or your personal drawings. To bring some functionality to it, add some space for messages and hang cute organizes to keep stationary or personal things. Apply stickers, play with colors – do whatever can help you create an apt mood and get you into a focused state.

Create a Green Corner

indoor plant for office

You might not be into gardening, but having a green corner in your workplace has lots of benefits. Not only do plants give off oxygen, but also green color has a startling relaxing effect on eyes and psychic, let alone that it’s a wonderful design decision.

Don’t rush to harrow length and breadth every book on gardening you may find just for the sake of a fancy design – keep it simple instead. You can buy a nice vase and always have fresh flowers on your table. Or you can get the easiest-to-take-care-of plant and put it into a stylish pot. Try different shapes and colors and consider asymmetry – it may fit quite well into your loft-style workplace.

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Hang Creative Shelves

hanging shelf

Any student has tons of textbooks, notebooks, stationery, and gadgets and they all need to be stored somewhere. Hanging creative shelves on the wall is a perfect design decision that is both stylish and functional.

The options are many. These may be small, compact shelves of geometric shapes, traditional large shelves, asymmetric structures, you name it. Try to apply a variety of colors or keep it monochrome and reserved – find out what gives you inspiration and makes your creative juices flowing.

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Get a Cute Desk Lamp

office lamp

The times when all desk lamps looked similar are long gone. Now you can have them of different sizes and shapes. How about a cute pink elephant illuminating your way through the academic wilds? Or the one in the shape of a gentleman’s hat? And what would you say to a “sitting” lamp?

A desk lamp is not just a means to give yourself some extra light; it can be an original, fun, and what’s more important, an affordable way to design an inspirational studying space. It can cause wow effects from your friends, spark creative ideas in your head, or simply make the mood when you need it. And you can always replace it with another fancy desk lamp once you get bored with it.

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Cozy Floors


Now, when it gets to a student’s workplace design, floors are usually left out of the equation. Wrong!

A well-arranged floor can be as much an important asset as any other design solution in the room. Not only can it give some extra color to the look, but also bring efficiency, comfort, and warmth to the studying process.

The most obvious solution is to throw a few bizarre rugs that would keep your feet nice and cozy at any time of the year. But you can go further and build there a completely functional studying space – in the case you get tired of sitting behind the desk.

Get some ottomans to group-study with friends – or a large carpet if you prefer lying while reading or writing – just make sure your selections are cozy enough to keep you focused as long as you need it.

Bottom Line

These were seven one-size-fits-all ideas of how you can design an effective and inspiring studying space for any room. But in the end, creating a perfect working area is up to you.

Perhaps, you may want to add a few smart gadgets to stay on top of your lights and music while studying or choose a completely different design style. Finally, you may decide that a table, a chair, and colored walls are well enough to get you concentrated. Try different ways and you’ll find a perfect one in no time.