How To Reset Your Home After Christmas: Quick Tips (2024)

Last Updated on January 1, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

The week after Christmas often feels like a time warp where days blend and my home doesn’t quite look like itself. Amidst the remnants of festive joy, I’m left wondering how to reclaim the space that was once orderly and calm. I’ve discovered that with a little guidance and a few strategic steps, it’s possible to reset my home without feeling swamped by the task at hand.

Professional home organizers have crafted an efficient routine to help bring back a sense of normalcy after the holiday season. I’m excited to share these six actionable tips that’ll help you breeze through post-Christmas cleanup and step confidently into the new year. Let’s dive into transforming holiday chaos into peace and order, ensuring our homes are ready to welcome 2024 with open arms.

Assessing the Situation

Before diving into the deep end of resetting my home after Christmas, I’ll take a strategic pause to assess the situation. This step is pivotal to ensure that each decision I make contributes positively towards achieving a serene and organized space.

With the holiday decorations still staring at me from various corners, the first task on my agenda involves scrutinizing every room with a critical eye. I’ll ask myself if the existing home decor truly fits the vision of my refreshed space.

It’s easy to let things slip back to the way they were pre-holidays, but is that what I truly want? While it felt right then, a new perspective might reveal a desire for change.

Sometimes, shifting a vase here or a picture frame there can breathe new life into the ambiance. It’s incredible how the slightest alterations can have a profound impact on the overall feel of my home.

Next, I’ll confront those surface areas – the countertops, tables, and shelves that tend to accumulate the remnants of festive cheer. Clearing them is not just about tidiness; it’s about eliminating visual clutter that leads to a calmer environment. Each item I remove from these surfaces is a step toward creating a peaceful sanctuary, away from the chaos of the holiday season.

I reflect on this past year’s utility of items in my home. Did I use that ornate serving plate, or has it merely collected dust? Being honest about what serves a purpose, and what doesn’t is an essential part of this process. Items that no longer serve me, or worse, detract from the joy of my space, are prime candidates for donation or discarding.

It’s important to remember that our spaces often reflect our states of mind. An orderly, thoughtful environment can greatly enhance our well-being. With that guiding principle, I proceed to carefully and mindfully reassess each element of my home.

Create a Plan of Action

creating action plan for organizing home

Once the holiday season winds down, I find myself craving structure and order in my home. It’s not just about ditching the clutter, but about restoring balance and preparing for the months ahead. To do this effectively, it’s essential to set one or two goals for the upcoming quarter.

Start With Surface Management

When I survey my living space, the first thing that leaps out is the sprawl of items accumulated over the festive period. There’s beauty in the bare, and I start by clearing off the surfaces I interact with daily.

By stripping away all non-essential items from countertops and shelves, I immediately reduce visual clutter. It’s a simple yet transformative step, and believe me, if you’ve cleared your kitchen surfaces already, you understand the profound sense of order it brings.

Tackling Holiday Decorations

I’ll admit, storing away holiday decorations can be bittersweet. Yet, it’s a vital step in reclaiming your space. Now’s the perfect time to pack away those shimmering ornaments and strings of lights.

I ensure this task isn’t daunting by methodically working through one room at a time. This not only simplifies the process but also allows me to carefully consider each item before it’s stored for next year.

Dedicate Time to Laundry

In the spirit of renewal, today is a laundry day for me. There’s something incredibly satisfying about catching up on laundry—it sets the tone for a fresh start. While waiting for the washer and dryer, I revisit my goal-setting session, indulge in a good book, or savor a delicious meal. This multitasking approach optimizes my time and provides moments of relaxation amid the to-dos.

Next on the list is reflecting on our eating habits post-holidays. It’s about gently steering my diet back on track, considering what healthy foods I’ll enjoy in the coming days to rejuvenate my body without resorting to drastic detoxes.

As I plan and act, I watch my home—and my mindset—reset, readying myself for a productive year ahead.

Clearing the Christmas Clutter

clearing christmas clutter

After the festive season ends, I’m tasked with the mission of transforming my home back to its pre-holiday serenity. Decluttering is the primary step in this reset process.

Without a doubt, I know that eliminating the Christmas accessories clears my mind just as much as it does my space.

Engaging in a post-Christmas purge is not only therapeutic but also financially savvy. Like many others, I’ve realized that being surrounded by too much stuff can be overwhelming. That’s where a systematic purge comes into play.

To begin, I focus on Donations and Sales. I gather gently used items that no longer serve their purpose and take them to local donation centers like Goodwill. Selling items through platforms such as OfferUp or Craigslist not only declutters my home but also helps me save money. It’s a win-win, considering this kind of responsible repurposing can equate to thousands of dollars saved annually.

Gently Used ItemsGoodwillDonation; Space Clearing
Sellable ItemsConsignment ShopsIncome; Recycled Usage
Online SalesOfferUp, CraigslistIncome; Wider Audience

Tree and Decor Management is another significant aspect. For artificial trees, I carefully pack the pieces, ensure the box is stored upright, and it’s placed where it’s easily retrievable next year. For natural trees, contacting the local waste management for tree disposal or repurposing it in my yard as habitat is my go-to method.

Storing or repurposing Wrapping Materials also aids in my clutter-free mandate. It’s best to stash away reusable ribbons and bows and clear out any remaining wrapping paper remnants. Finally, finding homes for new gifts is essential. Each present received should have a designated spot—whether it’s on a shelf, in a closet, or put into immediate use.

Tackling clutter after the holidays isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about mindfully organizing and appreciating the space you live in. It’s about taking the time to breathe after the festive frenzy and starting anew.

Refreshing the Decor

clearing christmas clutter 1

When January rolls around, it’s all about the mantra of renewing and resetting. There’s something about removing holiday decorations that reveals the potential for a fresh aesthetic in your home.

I’ve always found joy in the yin and yang of festive decor versus the serenity of a stripped-back space. It’s not a void but an opportunity; gazing at the neutral pallet of my living room this morning, there’s a clear invitation to reimagine the space with a subtle, wintry touch.

Whites and neutrals serve as the perfect canvas, offering flexibility to introduce new colors or textures. It’s less about the emptiness post-Christmas and more about the potential that open space holds.

In envisioning a refreshed space, remember that adding a single new item to your decor can drastically shift the energy of a room. This past weekend, for example, I found an extra-large wall basket for only $30, which completely transformed the look and feel of my living shelf.

Whether thrifted or brand-new, one new piece, be it a statement or subtle, revives a room’s vibe.

Switching out elements doesn’t have to be costly; it’s about the thrill of transition, the delight in discovering a bargain, or the splurge that reignites your passion for your home’s interior.

After the ornaments are stored away, why not turn your attention to your seating? For instance, my Ektorp Sofas are a breeze to freshen up—off come the slipcovers for a wash. But even non-slipcover furniture can benefit from a thorough vacuum and spot-clean, making your living space feel pristine again.

As we part ways with the holiday season—those slow, cozy mornings, the baking marathons, and the sparkle of Christmas—we say hello to the charm of a clean slate. The act of decluttering and refreshing allows us to appreciate our living space anew, ensuring the transition into the new year is as rejuvenating as the first page of a blank calendar.

Deep Cleaning the Space

After the whirlwind of the holidays, I find that deep cleaning is essential for restoring the calm to my home. The kitchen and bathrooms, in particular, seem to have weathered the brunt of the festivities.

It’s no wonder, really—these spaces are the workhorses of entertaining and daily life. I dedicate a few hours or even a day early in January for an intensive clean-up that goes beyond the regular tidying-up regime.

In the kitchen, it’s about giving attention to those often overlooked areas. I always start by cleaning the oven’s interior—it’s bound to have remnants from the holiday cooking. Next, I polish all the appliances, ensuring the fronts, fixtures, and backsplashes shine. Let’s not forget about clearing out crumbs from under the toaster oven and giving the floor a much-needed scrub. The gratification of a sparkling kitchen sets the perfect tone for the new year.

The bathroom requires a similar approach—washing rugs, dusting product bottles, cleaning mirrors, and sanitizing light switch plates. I pay extra attention to dusting the baseboards and light fixtures. These tasks might seem small, but they make a significant difference. When I’m done, there’s nothing like the fresh scent and clarity that echoes through these refreshed spaces.

Soft textures and layers are perfect for reviving the home’s coziness post-holiday. After decluttering, I relish the opportunity to reorganize and reimagine my living space.

A meticulously arranged kitchen drawer or a revitalized linen closet brings me immense satisfaction. I ensure that these areas are not just clean but also functional and pleasing to the eye.

Beyond the typical decluttering, I realize how open and ready for change my home feels once the Christmas decorations are stored away. It’s an ideal time to bring in some greenery. Houseplants aren’t just visually appealing; they’re fantastic for health. The fresh pop of green breathes new life into my neutral color palette, echoing the promise of growth and renewal that the new year brings.

Reorganizing and Restocking

After the holidays, I find that reevaluating what I have is the first step to restoring order. It begins with a systematic inventory. I ensure that used items from last year don’t go back into storage. Instead, I consider donating items that haven’t seen daylight in a year. It’s a simple principle: let go of what you don’t use and treasure what you do. Labeled boxes or sturdy bins are where I neatly pack away the decorations we plan to keep, grouping them thoughtfully, so they’re ready to make next year’s decorating a breeze.

Replenishing essentials during post-holiday sales is a strategic move. I’m cautious not to get swept up in the discount frenzy, purchasing only what’s necessary. Whether it be tree toppers that have seen better days or a string of lights that gave out on Christmas Eve, I list what needs replacing and shop smartly. This strategy bolsters my supply without cluttering up my space with impulse buys.

Moving to the kitchen, tackling the fridge is next on my list. I sort through all the tasty treats we’ve accumulated, using leftovers creatively to minimize waste. As for the rest—anything expired or inedible goes into the trash.

Clean shelves and categorized grouping turn a chaotic kitchen back into a functional space. Remembering tips like storing dairy products on lower shelves and positioning healthier snacks at eye level can not only organize the space but encourage better eating habits.

The pantry gets a similar treatment. I group items into categories, making sure that often-used ingredients are within easy reach and bulkier, seldom-used items are tucked away, yet still accessible. During this process, I often find a few things that can be donated, like canned goods or non-perishables that I overbought. Generosity feels good, especially when it helps declutter my space for a fresh start.

Quick decluttering doesn’t have to stop at organizing and inventory. Any obstructions in main walkways, like packaging or gifts from the festivities, can disrupt the flow of a home. I make sure to clear these promptly, maintaining a clutter-free path for daily activities.