30 Ingenious ways that will help you keep your spaces organized

ingenious ways to keep your spaces organized

Last Updated on November 8, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

If you are willing to make use of your creativity, these ingenious ideas can help you organize your home.

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1. Build a false sofa near the window to have more storage space

Drawers placed to convert it into a sofa

2. Use this sliding basket to store your products in the kitchen or cleaning supplies

Shelf with wheels to store products in the kitchen A cart that moves where you can put hygienic products

3. Use magnetic spill bottles to store small things in the bathroom

Magnetic spices that you can place in your bathroom

4. Hang your tank tops on a towel rack, so you will avoid taking up space in your drawers

Hook to hang garments Hook to hang scarves behind the door

5. Stores in organizers underwear, stockings, socks …

drawers to organize the drawers with baby clothes

6. Place a shelf under the board so that children can place markers or magnets

Blackboard for children to draw

7. Turn the magazine holders into beautiful organizers for the office with clever labels

magazine racks to store things

8. Do you need to store things in a small space, like a hallway? These containers are the answer

Chest of drawers located in the dining area

9. They also work well in small spaces, such as bathrooms, where you can store cleaning products

the shelf where you can store things in the bathroom

10. Add wheels to a wide drawer to have a storage space under the bed

Drawer under the bed to store things

11. Use an organizer in the car to store your children’s things

The organizer of colors and books for the car

12. Use some boxes to organize baby clothes

The organizer of baby clothes in the drawers

13. You can also use the shelves for spices and accommodate your nail polishes

The shelf where you can organize the enamels

14. These vases will help you store your kitchen utensils

Ceramic jars for storing kitchenware

15. Place some shelves behind a sofa to divide a space and have a storage area

Bookshelf where you can organize your books

16. You can use a photo frame as a tray to place children’s shoes under the dresser

Shoe organizer that was placed under the bed

17. Place baby diapers in aluminum pots hanging on a curtain rail

PaƱalero created with aluminum pots

18. Create sliding boxes to store toys and place them under the sofa

Armchair with drawers to store accessories

19. A rope, hooks and some metal pots are a useful way to store your beauty accessories

Containers to place toiletries

20. Place wooden racks behind the doors of the kitchen furniture to store your products

Magazine rack to accommodate things in the kitchen

21. Use a magazine rack to store the mail and your notes

Magazine rack that works to store mail and notes

22. Use hangers to hang the stuffed animals

Hanger where you can place your stuffed toys

23. Place your towels in a wine holder, great!

Towel holder found in a bathroom

24. Store your jewelry behind a door

hooks where you can hang accessories and you can place them behind the door of the room

25. Place wooden boxes on the sides of a children’s table so that children can keep their colors

Children's table with two boxes placed inside that contain pencils

26. Small pieces of cork are useful to create a board to organize notes

Cork wall used to place important notes

27. Use an aluminum pole and attach it to the wall with supports to hang the bicycles

Tube with two hooks that serve as bicycle support

28. Use a spice rack to create a small bookcase for children


29. Create shelves with rails and pieces of wood to make your magazines and books look elegant

tubes attached to the wall placed to organize magazines and accessories

30. Organize your shoes with wooden shelves placed in a ‘V’ shape

Wooden frames placed in a V shape to organize shoes
ingenious ways to keep spaces organized