How Water Aeration Can Help Your Pond Stay Beautiful

Last Updated on July 21, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

It doesn’t matter if you are a swimming instructor, accountant, or teacher – from time to time, you need to rest. There are hundreds of ways to relax, but you don’t necessarily need to go on costly vacations to recharge your batteries. The perfect place to rest could be right next to your house.

If you have a pond or a lake in your garden, you might be worried that an overgrowth of algae or dirty water could spoil your break. In a moment, you’ll learn how to ensure that the pond retains its beauty throughout the years.

Do You Really Need to Aerate Your Pond?

Pond aerator

As time passes, your pond might lose its aesthetic appeal. There may be multiple reasons for that, but the most common one is insufficient water aeration.

If the pond is pretty deep, there might be close to no dissolved oxygen at its bottom, which can have a negative impact on the pond’s attractiveness. Especially owners of large bodies of water face this problem. To deal with this issue, you would need a pond aerator to ensure that the water in a pond or a lake is well-aerated. Water aeration has several notable benefits:

  • It prevents a build-up of muck. That’s because the oxygen at the bottom of the pond helps the beneficial bacteria Those bacteria eat the nutrients that normally would gather at the bottom of the pond. This way, the water wouldn’t be polluted by the organic matter, such as dead plants, bird droppings, or decomposed fish.
  • An overgrowth of algae is less likely in a pond with enough dissolved oxygen. That’s because algae also consume some of the nutrients that in well-aerated waters are consumed by bacteria. If the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is inadequate, the algae will have free rein in a pond.
  • Lack of or insufficient amount of beneficial bacteria in the pond can lead to an unpleasant odor. That’s because the organic matter won’t decompose as quickly, which could make the pond smell bad.
  • Water aeration creates a healthier ecosystem for fish. You might be surprised if the fish in your pond have enough food, but they look unhealthy. If you discover dead fish floating in the water or if, despite having enough nutrition, they appear sick, it might be because there is not enough dissolved oxygen in a pond.

Fish also need oxygen to breathe, though the required amount is many times smaller than what humans need. If there are too many fish in the pond in your garden, they might become sick and die off.

  • Although it might be surprising, a well-aerated pond is less likely to attract mosquitoes. They prefer to breed in waters with low levels of dissolved oxygens. That’s because, in such places, there are fewer organisms that could eat the mosquito larvae.

Fish, snails, and frogs – apart from enriching your pond by their presence- can prevent mosquitoes from swarming your garden, thus making it possible for you to rest undisturbed.

If none of those issues are plaguing the pond in your garden, there might be enough dissolved oxygen in the water. It is often the case that small ponds don’t need additional aeration, especially if there aren’t many fish and other organisms living in the water. However, if you’ve noticed that the water is no longer clear, you should consider installing a pond aerator.

Wouldn’t Pond Aeration Equipment Make My Pond Look Less Attractive?

ponds and aeration equipment

Many pond owners worry that the equipment used for water aeration could spoil the look of the garden. Although it is understandable – you probably wouldn’t want to have large machinery buzzing next to the pond, it’s not really a problem. The manufacturers are aware of those concerns, which is why the aeration equipment doesn’t generate much noise – you won’t hear it if you are more than several feet away.

Air pumps and other pieces of equipment that admittedly usually look unsightly can be hidden among bushes or behind some boulders next to the pond. If that’s impossible, you should know that some manufacturers even offer “fake rocks,” which can be used to hide air pumps and other devices.

If you don’t want any tubing to be visible, because your pond would stop looking so pristine, we’ve got great news. Some manufacturers of pond aeration equipment offer weighted tubing that sinks by itself, which means that you or some guests won’t have to look at it while resting in your garden.

On the other hand, some pieces of equipment that could make the water in your pond clearer actually look good too! Pond fountains are primarily used for small ponds, whereas submersible aerators usually do a better job when the depth of the pond is significant. Still, pond fountains can help you ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water, while also adding to the aesthetic beauty of the pond.

What if There’s No Electricity Nearby?

Even if the pond or a lake is located in a place without easy access to electricity, it is still possible to ensure adequate water aeration. You can find solar and wind-powered pond aerators that run 100% on renewable energy sources. When it comes to wind-powered pond aerators, they also look great, though you must be prepared that they will take up some space.

However, if it’s possible, it’s best to rely on pond aerators that require electricity. Why?

  • Their price is much lower. Wind and solar-powered pond aerators cost more, which is not surprising, as they are using more advanced technology.
  • Even the most powerful solar and wind-powered aerators are only capable of aerating relatively small ponds.

On the other hand, if you decide to purchase either wind or solar-powered pond aerators, you won’t have to worry about the blackouts, as the solar panels or a windmill will produce the energy. That’s why if you live in an area where power outages are pretty common, solar or wind-powered pond aerators could be a good choice.

Even though this type of pond aerators is pretty expensive, it runs entirely on renewable energy sources, which means that your energy bill won’t go up. If you continue using the pond aerator for many years, buying a more expensive model could even prove to be a good financial decision as you would save on utility costs.


After an exhausting day at work, your garden can offer you some peace and seclusion. Ensuring that your garden isn’t swarmed by mosquitoes and that there aren’t unpleasant odors doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, it is enough to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Fish also need oxygen to breathe, which is why installing water aeration equipment leads to a healthier aquatic ecosystem.

Apart from those benefits, a well-aerated pond has much more aesthetic value. That’s because water aeration makes the water clearer while preventing the growth of algae and muck build-up. Even if the pond is located in a remote region where accessing electricity might be a problem, you can aerate the water using solar and wind-powered equipment. This way, you would ensure that throughout the years, your pond stays beautiful.