15 Knit Adult Slippers & Boots Free Patterns

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

It is time to try new things with crochets and knitting. Knitting can be extended even to unique items such as slippers and boots. It may sound like a joke, but there are over 500 patterns that you can try out.

The article will be deliberating with 15 slippers and boot free ideas that you can try out at home. It may not be that easy for beginners but, of course, when you have the experience, it becomes easier.

Check out the 15 knit adult slippers and boots free patterns.

free knit adult slippers patterns

1. Two-needle ankle slippers

1 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Not everyone will like the socks that will cover all parts of the knee. The two-needle ankle slippers will be perfect for it will cover only the areas towards the ankle.

The adorable slippers will stop at your ankles, and you won’t have to use more yarn for it. The pattern is easy to make, and beginners can try them out.


2. Chunky toe-up slippers

2 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

The chunky toe-up slippers are among the best slippers free crochet patterns that you can try. It is a perfect pair for people who stay in colder regions and will love working around the room with something that will offer some warmth.

The crochet pattern uses chunky wool which will provide extra warmth.


3. AnniKainen’s slippers

3 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

AnniKainen’s slippers are the cute type of slippers that make use of single color wool. The designers at revelry use the simple silk rosette to represent the buckle in slippers.

It is best for people who are not ready to handle colors. Crochet design will be easy for beginners because you will be stitching only one color.


4. Swirly slippers

4 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Swirly slippers will be a nice challenge for those who will love to do something more challenging with crocheting. The pattern has a mix of colors to display expertise in the project. It is a dual-color pattern that will grant the designer a golden chance to exercise the skills.


5. Pretty flower slippers

5 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Myriads of patterns that can construct slippers are available. One of them is a pretty flower design. The designers knit the patterns together then they stitch them together to form a cute flower pattern. It will appear like a little flat shoe.

Find out a step by step guide that will show you the details on how you can start knitting the pattern.


6. Garter stitch slippers

6 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Garter stitch slippers use highly variegated yarn to make the simple slippers. The pattern is knitted flat and has a neat crochet finish for seams. You can adjust the size as per your needs because of the flexibility that it brings.

You will be using double yarns, and you can do a replacement using the single strand of worsted weight yarn.


7. Moscow slipper boots

7 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Moscow slipper boots are the best for people who love the winter seasons. You don’t have to wear your boots all the time, but you can replace them with Moscow slipper boots during cold winters.

The boots are excellent indoor wear during the cold winters and make you look stylish even when you are in a closed door.


8. Alaska home slipper socks

8 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Alaska home slipper socks are a loosely fitting design that will allow your feet to relax and feel the warmth of nature at the same time. Perhaps, it could be prudent to try out these new Alaska slippers.

You can crochet them for your friend as a gift, or you do it for your good. It won’t be a mistake to have a number of them in your house.


9. Macarons slipper boots

9 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Macaron slipper boots are the adorable bright slipper boots that you will want to have in your house.

The slipper crochet boots use some stash and will have some colored details to increase their beauty. The socks will keep you warm all the days regardless of the seasons.


10. Cabled cozies

10 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Cabled cozies fall in the category of the best slippers and boots patterns that you can opt for during the cold winters. The steps when crocheting the slipper design is easy. The cabled cozies do have rich details that include bright colors.

It also has patterns that will be quite adorable to the eye. The illusion that will make people believe that you are a pair of shoes under your slippers is a milestone as far as knitting is concerned.


11. Floral slipper flats

11 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Here is another cool slipper option that makes use of colors and easy patterns. You want something that will keep your feet warm even when the conditions are unfavorable like the cold winter seasons.

You don’t need to put on shoes when you are indoors, but the crochet slippers will be best because it will still feel like you have your own shoes.


12. Mary Jane slippers

12 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Slippers should be flat, and everyone will appreciate the pattern that will embrace it. Mary Jane slippers are the perfect types that embrace the flat base idea.

You will love the dual colors that make it appear like a shiny jewel on your feet. You can try out the Mary Jane patterns for all family members because they are easy to stitch.


13. Little red riding slippers

13 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Little red riding slippers are excellent boot and slipper options because they resemble the boots, but they are still calling the slippers. If you stay in a chilly place and you will need something that will cover better parts of your knees, then it is time to consider the chunky socks which have thick cuffs.


14. Worsted bed socks 

14 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Worsted bed socks are very adorable booties that you can ever crochet at home. It is a stunning pattern that will favor all sizes. The bed socks are pretty and the guide when you want to stitch it is available.

It will be a milestone to design something that will impress you while serving the purpose of warming you up during the cold seasons.


15. Grouse slipper

15 knit adult slippers boots free patterns

Grouse slippers use the idea of a novelty cuff which is often best for the pro knitters. The grouse slipper is a super simple cuffed pattern. It makes it appear like a shirt with a large collar.

It is all about getting creative and getting something that will serve the purpose while passing the message of modesty and style.