31+ Low-budget Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Do you know you can give your home an elegant look with a lean budget? Have you been searching for very creative ideas to beautify your home on a small budget? We have got you covered. We should show your 30 low budget ideas to transform your home.

1. Hang Art on the Wall


A simple arts design has a way of brightening up your home look. You can hang your favorite art designs ranging from hand drawn sketches to DIY arts, to right sizes and scales that would fit perfectly on your wall. It is inexpensive, easy to do and exactly what your home needs.

2. Drop Cloth


Drop cloths are an easy way to give your home that luxurious looks that are seen in magazines. It can be used in dining room, sitting room and even bathrooms. They are both inexpensive and beautiful. This interior scheme would give that extra feel to your home.

3. Paint – Color Matters


Paint is an integral part of home decoration. It determines how the overall outlook of your home would turn out. Paint color is a hard choice to make but a bold and dramatic paint color is recommended.

4. Pillows – comfort and elegance


Pillows are a simple way to lighten and accessorize our living space. They serve two purposes; to make comfortable and to beautify. Make sure your throw pillows texture and colors mix softly thereby giving your home the glamorous look for desire.

5. Use String Pearls as Curtain Tie – Backs

People underestimate the significance of string pearls; little do they know that this adds elegance to the posture of your curtains. String pearls say a lot about your coordination and carefulness. Advance your curtains look with this simple brilliance.

6. Create a Gallery Wall


If you want a true reflection of yourself to be seen in the form of arts or pictures, you would like a gallery wall. This gallery wall creates a little story of you. It also adds beauty to your home. Go for simple, inexpensive frames.

7. Add Mirrors

A mirror helps to make a really stylish living space. It can be used in two ways; to make small spaces actually look big and large and also to design your home by making the mirrors into small pieces like a salon.

8. Vintage Bookcase


If you have a lot of books in your home and you are looking to arrange them properly and nicely you could try this out. The materials for this bookcase are readily available and can be gotten around even from a farm at little or no cost.

9. Coffee Table books


You know how a coffee table is one of the standouts of your living space. Its design adds to the overall look. To make it stylish, add interesting, fun, motivational and inspiring book to whatever is on your coffee table. Arrange them such that they are neat and inviting.


10. Simple Slipcover for your Sofa


Here is a little something for your sofa; if you are in need of a new sofa cover because it’s dirty or worn outs or torn you can have a slipcover that is the same size as your sofa. The caution here is that the color of the slipcover must be the same color as the room.

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11. Hide the Cord


The homes we see in those magazines don’t usually have wires hanging all over the place; here is a trick to hide the cables behind arts. Make some sort of design around the wire. Another thing you can do is use the color of the wires to your advantage such that it blends perfectly to your room color.

12. DIY Wallpaper


Wallpapers are a way of giving your home a complete makeover without exactly buying a lot of things. They are inexpensive to do, all you need is a sketch of what is in your mind and you are good to go

13. Housekeeping – A Clean, Uncluttered Home is a Must

A way of making your home look exceptionally amazing is by consistent cleaning and dusting. Cleaning helps you remove dirt, stains and spots which in turn help you breathe clean air; also it permits ordinary light into your home.

14. Decorate with Glassware


Add a little spice to the overall look of your home by adding some glass wares.

15. Turns Plate into Wall Art


You know this could serve as a form of decoration to beautify your home. Chinese plates in glass cupboards are lovely cities to behold.

16. Accessorize your Home


You definitely want to accessorize your home with some clocks, vases, table lighters, lamps. These add some fashionable sense to your home.

17. Hardwood over Carpets

We all know that wall-to-wall use of carpets in your living space can be warm and soft, but cannot be compared to the same elegance hardwood floors have. Hardwood lasts for a long time.

18. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets


Consider painting your kitchen cabinets. This is a very useful idea to consider when decorating your interiors.

19. Rearrange the furniture


Since you are on a strict budget you could consider something as simple as rearranging your furniture.

20. Turn a Wine Bottle into a Vase


Do you know that a wine bottle can be made into a vase? Just remove the wine labels and you are good to go.

21. Tap brass corners into outside corners of the tables


22. Replacing Legs on an Ikea Couch


23. DIY Marble Coffee Table from Marble Paper


24. Wainscoting hack

25. Air grille makeover

26. How to Spray Paint Countertops


27. Vintage closet rods

28. Adding teak wood to bathroom floor

29. Painting a Linoleum Floor


30. Creating bedroom closet doors


31. Upgrade your light switch cover


32. Make a basket light

Source: younghouselove

33. Repurposed Door Mat to Cover an Ugly Return Air Vent


34. Upgrade window planter box


35. Update closet door


36. Paint faux windows on your garage door

37. Cake stand for sink soaps


38. DIY Plain To Paneled Door



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