32+ Best Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Designs

When designing your home is the rustic design, the kitchen is one area where you can do a lot. Kitchen cabinets are an ideal place to start as they are a major fixture. The rustic design is nature-inspired. From the colors to the materials used, the influence of the natural environment is evident. In this article, we explore some of these ideas that you can use when redecorating.

One idea you can use is white rustic kitchen cabinets. White is a neutral color and blends well with all the others. It occurs naturally, and almost appears unnoticeable. You can add handles of a different color as an ideal finish for the look. You can opt for grey or chrome as a start.

Although the rustic design is nature influenced, it does not mean that you ignore modernity. There exist exquisite designs for modern rustic kitchen cabinets. You can have your kitchen cabinets, in the center to form a kitchen island. You can use marble for the countertops for that truly modern design.

Green rustic kitchen cabinets are also a good idea. You can opt for much lighter shades of green such as sage green. You can use white as the countertop containers as well as the walls.

To finish off, you can have mahogany-colored tiles for your floor. Other colors that you can use for your rustic kitchen include ivory, red, grey, and blue. The trick is to use colors that occur naturally as this is the essence of the rustic style of decorating.

The rustic country style is another decorative them you can use for your kitchen cabinets. It features much rougher designs but still as elegant. For this, you can use cured lumber for the table to give your kitchen a more rural look. You can add flower pots and wooden crates in your décor to achieve this look.

If your house came with modern designed cabinets, you can distress them to achieve the rustic look. For this, you will need cloth, antiquating glaze, a few paintbrushes, and gloves.

Clean the cabinets and then apply the glaze on all the cabinets to your desired effect. Once done, you can apply some wood varnish to protect the glaze coating and add some shine to the cabinets.

If the redecoration is a DIY project, pine is the best type of wood to use. It is cheap and can be fashioned into elaborate pieces for your kitchen. It also has that authentic look, meaning you do not have to spend a lot of time processing it to fit your rustic theme.

When redecorating, you may have to repaint your kitchen cabinets. You will need sandpaper to remove the old paint. Use old newspaper to cover areas that you do not want the paint to drip. Add primer on the newly sanded surfaces and then paint away.

1. Antique

2. Rustic kitchen makeover


3. Blue kitchen cabinet

4. Vintage

5. Country cottage


6. Industrial


7. Hickory cabinet


8. Rustic wood


9. Industrial rustic with dark brown theme

10. Shabby chic

11. Simplicity

12. Charcoal cabinets

13. Rustic white cabinets

14. Pallet wood cabinets


15. Kitchen remodel


16. Caramel color

17. Vintage cupboards


18. English-style farmhouse


19. Antiqued kitchen crown molding


20. Vintage kitchen table

21. Summer house


22. Stunning kitchen cabinets


23. Rustic farmhouse

24. Rustic island

25. Rustic traditional

26. Dark wood

27. Mix wood and stones

28. Rustic stone

29. Large white cabinets

30. Large rustic island

31. With exposed wooden beams

32. Vintage dresser



Rustic kitchen cabinets are relatively easy to make and are good DIY projects. Try some of the ideas above and give your kitchen a new lease of life.


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