19+ Best DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas & Designs

best outdoor shower ideas

Last Updated on November 25, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Before conditioned environments such as houses and indoor bathrooms were invented for human comfort, people used to take shower out in the open.

If, in the olden days, this was the default choice, nowadays, this is a conscious decision. Those people who live an active lifestyle through sports such as swimming frequently use outdoor showers.

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What are Outdoor Showers For?

Outdoor showers are perfect for people who like to spend a lot of time outdoors. The fact that they are more easily accessible when you’ve had a tumble outside makes them a very functional and necessary part of any household (just imagine the messes that don’t have to walk through your front/back door!)

How much is an outdoor shower?

An outdoor shower can run anywhere from under $1000 up to $8000 depending on what you need. If you’re looking for something simple, you probably won’t need to shell out big bucks. But if you want the whole shebang, prepare to part with your $$$.

Do Outdoor Showers Need Drains?

It would depend on how you have your outdoor showers set up. If you’re installing a shower on concrete or tiled floors, then yes, definitely. However, if you’re on the natural, grassy/rocky ground your showers will mostly drain into the ground.

How Big Should an Outdoor Shower Be?

The minimum space required is three feet square but if you can, a bigger space is more ideal.

How do I Winterize My Outdoor Shower?

There are three easy steps to winterize your outdoor shower.

  • Shut off the water supply. Locate the valves that run to your outdoor shower and turn them off.
  • Drain your pipes of any remaining moisture or liquids by leaving the shower faucet handles in the “on” position. This will prevent your pipes from expanding and bursting during freezing conditions.
  • Remove the showerhead and store it safely indoors until spring. Make sure you drain it of any remaining moisture before storing it.

1. Elliptical Outdoor Shower

1 outdoor shower ideas


2. Modern Crestview Outdoor Shower

2 outdoor shower ideas


3-6. Easy DIY Outdoor Shower

3 4 outdoor shower ideas

5 6 outdoor shower ideas


7. How to make your own Outdoor Shower

7 outdoor shower ideas


8. Shower Curtain

8 outdoor shower ideas


9. Outdoor Shower With Glass Mosaic Art

9 outdoor shower ideas


10. Rustic Outdoor Shower

10 outdoor shower ideas


11. Wood Outdoor Shower

11 outdoor shower ideas


12. Rustic Shower With Bamboo

12 outdoor shower ideas


13. Shower Under a Wood Pergola

13 outdoor shower ideas


14. Greenhouse Shower

14 outdoor shower ideas



15. Portable Outdoor Shower For Camping

15 outdoor shower ideas


16. Black and White Outdoor Shower

16 outdoor shower ideas


17. Ocean style

17 outdoor shower ideas

18. Stone, Tile

18 outdoor shower ideas

19 outdoor shower ideas

20. Hose-fed Portable Outdoor Shower

20 outdoor shower ideas

This outdoor shower idea is perfect for those on the go and lovers of industrial design.

21. Rustic Stone, Timber Iron and Copper Outdoor Shower and Bathtub

21 outdoor shower ideas


If you love having something rustic that has a vintage feel, this setup is perfect for you. Not only is it reclaimed chic, but it also hits all the industrial notes too.

22. Tropical Stone Path Enclosed Outdoor Shower

22 outdoor shower ideas


This shower is perfect if you want a little privacy but still want to feel like you’re outside. The rainfall shower and little rocks at your feet make for a truly relaxing space.

23. Outdoor Wooden Shower Stall

23 outdoor shower ideas

This shower stall is perfect for emulating the feel of the woods. You’ll surely feel like you just swam from a lake in the Alaskan countryside.

24. Outdoor Surf Shower

24 outdoor shower ideas

If you live near the ocean or are simply looking for something to represent your love for the waves, these surfboard showers are perfect for you!

25. Simple Industrial + Wood Accent Rainfall Shower

25 outdoor shower ideas

This simple yet elegant rainfall shower provides just enough privacy for comfort while still maintaining that touched by open nature feel. If you’re looking to feel like you’re under a wonderful tropical rain, this is the shower setup for you.

26. Simple Farmhouse Style Outdoor Shower

26 outdoor shower ideas


This outdoor shower was assembled from the original parts of the old farmhouse. It’s perfect for rinsing off after a day at the beach and just breathing in the beauty in simplicity.

27. Wood and Vine Garden Shower

27 outdoor shower ideas


This wood enclosed shower with vine drapery is perfect for the garden setting. Not only is it wonderfully designed, but it’s also perfect for rinsing off after a hard day’s work in the garden.

28. Water Wall Shower

A water wall shower is the perfect contemporary installment to your outdoor shower. Forget about the rainfall effect! Let’s go with a waterfall effect! Just remove the glass panel and you’re good to go!

29. DIY Rainfall Shower

29 outdoor shower ideas


Are you kind of tight on the budget? Are those rainfall showerheads just too expensive? Well, now you can DIY your own! If you have a lot of pipes lying around, this DIY is for you! Bonus: you get to decide how wide and how fine your rainfall is!


An outdoor shower is an impressive not to mention, fun addition to your home. It’s perfect for the family, perfect for you and will help keep major messes outside of your house.

Just make sure you’re ready to commit to your outdoor shower! Remember, you need at least three square feet of space, a proper water source and a shower of course!

Depending on what you need privacy and look-wise, you can either save or splurge on the outdoor shower of your dreams.

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