How to Get a Perfect Lawn

How to get a perfect lawn

Last Updated on June 27, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

A lawn requires care but by following some basic guidelines a green carpet to envy can be produced. Find out how to get a perfect lawn.

Traditionally late spring and early summer is when a lawn will be at its best with rainfall and rising temperatures combining to produce excellent grass growth. Mowing, feeding and watering are important features to consider in keeping a lawn in excellent condition.

Mowing a Lawn

Lawn care tips

It is best to cut grass when it is actively growing and this can occasionally be an all year round commitment. The number of times a lawn needs to be cut can depend on weather and soil conditions but can extend to twice a week. Cylinder and Rotary are the two main types of lawnmower available.

  • Cylinder Lawnmower: Usually have 4 or 5 blades in a cylinder formation that spin at high speed. The more high powered professional cylinder mowers contain double the amount of blades and are commonly used on surfaces such as putting and bowling greens. Blades should be kept in good condition and ideally sharpened once a year.
  • Rotary Lawnmower: These operate with a single plastic or metal blade that rotates at very high speed. Many of the modern rotary mowers come with a rear roller that promotes the much loved striped effect. Can be regarded as more versatile than the cylinder lawnmower in that it can cut when grass is still slightly damp.


Feeding a Lawn

Lawns grow in different ways at different times of the year and to help produce a quality lawn it is advisable to feed twice a year, in spring or early summer and autumn.

  • Spring or Summer Feeding: A fertilizer with a high nitrogen content will promote a sturdy, healthy growth. The fertilizer should be applied at the rate recommended by the relevant manufacturer using a spreader that ensures an even application. If this is not achieved the lawn may have an uneven color and unsatisfactory appearance.The fertilizer should not be applied a few days before or after mowing.
  • Autumn Feeding: The same fertilizer should not be used for autumn feeding of a lawn as this would promote growth that could prove susceptible to harsh winter weather. Seek out specialist autumn products with higher potassium and phosphorus ratios to promote stronger leaf and root growth.

Weeding a Lawn

The majority of fertilizers will contain a weed or moss killer that aids lawn care. Successful weeds are those that grow beneath the lawnmower blade so the inbuilt weedkiller is helpful as is old fashioned hand weeding with a trowel.

Watering a Lawn

Lawns have tremendous powers of recovery. After dry spells they can appear dull and lifeless but rain has a wonderfully rejuvenating effect. Excessive watering can be seen as wastage and having faith in nature’s ability to provide moisture for the lawn should be encouraged.

How to Get a Perfect Lawn

A lush green lawn is one of the joys of summer. With due care and preparation a green carpet is readily achievable and should be regarded as an all year round project. It is always advisable to seek guidance from reliable professional outlets as well as trusted fellow gardeners.

A lawn requires care but by following some basic guidelines a green carpet to envy can be produced. Find out how to get a perfect lawn.