How To Grow and Care For Pleiospilos Nelii ‘Split Rock’

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Pleiospilos Nelii often referred to as split rock one of the perennial succulents that naturally grow in South Africa. The plant can do well in arid areas. You can cultivate Pleiospilos Nelii during the autumn and spring.

People leaving in warm regions can grow the plant outdoor. Cold places are not suitable for the plant, and you will need to have it in a pot to allow you to transfer indoors when the conditions are cold.

The plant grows like any other succulent, and you will need well-draining soils with less organic matter. The flowering periods of Pleiospilos Nelii are during the spring, but you won’t miss some flowers during the autumn season.

beginners guide to grow split rock succulent


split rock growing

Pleiospilos Nelii is a plant that grows naturally in its natural habitat, though it is possible to plant it in other conditions. It does well in semi-arid conditions. They do not rely so much upon water, and they can grow nicely even with seasonal water.

When to plant Pleiospilos Nelii

The right time to plant Pleiospilos Nelii is the same as the time you should be repotting it. Summer seasons are the best times to grow this tiny succulent plant. Summer seasons will accord the warm conditions that favor the growth of the plant.

Where to plan Pleiospilos Nelii

The plant will do well in well-draining soils just like any other succulent. They have long tap roots meaning that it can survive even with little water. Plant it in sandy soil that has good drainage, fewer nutrients, and faces arid conditions.

How to plant Pleiospilos Nelii

Planting the Pleiospilos Nelii is simple. All you need to do is to start sowing your seeds during the summer. Make sure to plant seeds in a warm place. You can soak the seeds for 24 hours before you plant them to allow quick germination. You should always keep the soil damp until the time the seeds start germinating.

Care for Pleiospilos Nelii

Pleiospilos Nelii

On the part of care for Pleiospilos Nelii, it is an easy process. Your split rock will need plenty of sunlight, proper ventilation, and regular watering towards germination. Find out all you need to know about each factor below.

Soil and fertilizer

The split rock will need well-draining soils. A commonly used type of soil is the sandy soils that excel when it comes to drainage. The plant does not need organic nutrients. Therefore, you should not mind about the fertilizer. Try as much as possible to provide soils and conditions that will mimic their natural habitat.

Sun-light, and water

Pleiospilos Nelii is quite adaptable and will thrive well as long as there are little water and direct sunlight. You will notice climate change when it begins slowing the growth.

The plant will often slow down the growth when the dry seasons are encroaching. When it begins slowing down the growth, it is time to supplement with watering. You can start watering it sparingly during the winter seasons.

Humidity and temperature

Pleiospilos Nelii is quite tolerant to high temperatures, though the high temperatures may retard the growth. It will be a milestone to keep it in warm conditions to allow it to thrive well. The conditions should be low humid because the plant will thrive in low humidity conditions.


Pleiospilos Nelii is a slow-growing plant, and therefore, reporting is not a common practice. You can repot the plant after 3 to 4 years. Select a plant that has grown enough to require repotting. Choose a plant that has about 4 inches depth at the bottom.

Use a pot that has a hole at the bottom to allow for proper drainage. It also allows enough space for the growth of roots.

Pruning and propagation

You can propagate this succulent plant through the division of leaves or seeds. The plant does not produce offsets, and therefore you can only use leaves for propagation.

Propagation of Pleiospilos Nelii is simple. You can split the leaves uses a sharp knife to remove the leave from the main plant.

Allow time for it callous. It can take 2 or 3 days after which you place it in well-draining soil to allow it to grow. You can also do the pruning to keep them small like any other succulent plant.

Pests and diseases

The plant does face many issues with pests, though it can get some diseases under excess watering. Makes sure that you don’t overwater the plant lest it gets a fungal disease that will make the root and stem rot.


beginners guide to grow pleiospilos nelil

To conclude, the succulent plant is attractive to the eye. They produce beautiful flowers that make it appear like a jewel. You need to keep your plant healthy by giving it all the essential needs such as sufficient light. It will be prudent to protect your plant from dampness, cold temperatures, and rain.

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