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Farm Food Family Logo

Farm Food Family Logo
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  • Logo Font: Open Sans
  • Logo Colors:
    • Green: Hex #056B33, RGB 5, 107, 51
    • Orange: Hex #F05330, RGB 240, 83, 48
    • Yellow: Hex #FCBD17, RGB 252, 189, 23
  • Secondary Fonts: Open Sans Light, Open Sans Regular

Sharing Our Story

After requests from friends and family for gardening tips, homesteading advice, DIY projects, and family recipes, Kimberly launched the Farm Food Family site in 2017 to document her journey.

It has since grown into a thriving online community attracting over 100k monthly visitors wanting to learn sustainable, old-fashioned skills for feeding a family and creating a natural, beautiful home using what the land provides.

Our Mission

To inspire multigenerational living by teaching vital food cultivation, preservation, and DIY home skills for a healthy, sustainable future – all while preserving cherished family and farming traditions.

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