5 Reasons To Move Your Home Office Into The Garden

Last Updated on August 24, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

With lockdown easing and talk of returning to the office beginning, many of us might be wondering if it will be possible to work from home more regularly.

Or perhaps you are hoping to start a business of your own once lockdown is over, and you need a more permanent space than the gap on your kitchen table between the coffee cups and the piles of washing to be put away. Whatever your situation, if you are working from your home, it could be beneficial to consider moving your home office into structure in your garden.

Separate your home from your work

By moving your office into a structure in your garden, it means that you are much less likely to be distracted by household tasks. If you cannot hear the dishwasher finishing its cycle, then you cannot be tempted to stop what you are doing to go and empty it!

It also sets a firm boundary with your family around when you are working and need minimal interruptions. Your office being outside also creates more space in the house for your family to use.

Enhances your home

garden office

If you pick the right building, then your home office could become an attractive feature of your garden. Leisurebuildings.com has an attractive range of garden cabins for your family, allowing you to choose the perfect size, shape, and aesthetic to complement your garden.

It’s also estimated that adding an outbuilding to your home can increase the value of the property by up to five percent, which should more than cover the initial cost.

Improvements to mood and productivity

Access to green spaces has a positive impact on our mental health. Working in your garden means that you are closely surrounded by nature at all times, and all of the feelings of wellbeing that comes with it.

Being close to your garden also makes it more likely that you will take short breaks for a walk outside, which will boost your productivity and also be a boost to your physical health.

Design your perfect workspace

office space in garden

By creating a custom building in your garden for your workspace, you give yourself the scope to design your perfect office.

You can make your new office whatever size and shape you like, which provides you with scope to be creative whether it’s by something simple like creating separate meeting rooms or something more outrageous like hiding a quiet workspace behind a bookcase – you can do anything you like!

Professional space in which to meet clients

An office in the garden is particularly useful if your job involves meeting with clients. First impressions are essential when you are starting a new working relationship, and you do not want the stress of having to tidy up the whole house if you know that you have a client coming over. You can keep your office a space that is purely about your business and use it to impress your business contacts.