5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Moissanite Wedding Jewelry

Last Updated on August 9, 2023 by Jason Nguyen

Wedding jewelry has a long history dating back to thousands of years ago when ancient Egyptians used braided reeds to symbolize love and commitment. Romans also used iron-made jewelry to symbolize strong marriage bonds.

With time, wedding jewelry became more elaborate, with the jewelers setting them with gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. However, ethical and environmental concerns have led to the rise of Moissanite as an alternative gemstone. Here are why you should consider buying wedding jewelry made of this lab-grown gemstone.

1.  Cost-Efficiency

For starters, jewelry pieces like Moissanite wedding bands are cheaper than diamonds or other gemstones. This is because most reputable sellers source their Moissanite from laboratories rather than mines, which means that the labor and resources are less used.

Besides, Moissanite is equally durable, with a Mohs hardness of 9.25. This feature makes it resistant to scratching and chipping hence longevity. However, note that the cost will depend on the size of the stone, cut, clarity, and color. Larger colorless and clear ones with brilliant cuts are more expensive.

2. Sparkle

Moissanite also has a sparkle brighter than a diamond because of its high refractive index. The sparkle of those lab-grown gemstones is also enhanced by high dispersion, a display of rainbow colors when moving it in light.

Buying Moissanite wedding jewelry like bands from a reputable seller will get you the best ones that sparkle beautifully, thanks to the high-quality gemstones they use. Besides, such sellers set the Moissanite in various high-quality metals that enhance the sparkle.

3. Wide Variety

Choosing Moissanite wedding jewelry, such as bands, will also give you a wide variety. This is because the leading stockists have different styles, cuts, and colors.

For instance, you will find the round brilliant wedding band,eternity band, channel set, pave set, halo, and solitaire.

This feature gives you a wide selection, enabling you to find the perfect one matching your style. The wide variety also helps you to find a piece within your budget.

4.  Personalization

This gemstone also enables personalization because you can find loose ones. In addition, reputable sellers like MoissainiteCO offer various ways in which you can personalize your wedding jewelry.

For example, you can add your name and date to make it unique and personal. You can also choose a custom shape for the setting or add a gemstone. This process gives you the perfect jewelry you can pass down to your generation as an heirloom.

5. Ethical

It will help to choose pieces of jewelry like Moissanite wedding bands made from this lab-grown gemstone due to ethical reasons. Unlike other gems, Moissanite creation doesn’t use child labor or lead to bloodshed.

Besides, it doesn’t cause deforestation or water population. However, it is worth noting that some sellers use mined Moissanite hence the need to research the source before you place your order. While at it, you will look for certification to ascertain ethical sources.

The use of wedding jewelry has a long history, with the purpose being the same; showing commitment and love. However, the materials used to make the jewelry and setting have changed. Diamonds and other gemstones have been in use for a while, but ethical concerns have led to the rise of Moissanite. When shopping for wedding jewelry, you should choose those made with Moissanite for the reasons you have read here.