20 DIY Jeans Makeover – Creative Ways To Transform Your Jeans

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Do you have an old pair of jeans that’s nearing the end of its life which you do not just yet want to get rid of? DIY hacks for jeans are a method to grant new life to worn jeans and make them look brand new. 

Now, you can proudly flaunt and wear those pairs of jeans again which you stashed away in your closet, refusing to throw it away. These DIY methods aren’t too complex and can be followed by even rookies to breathe new life into old fabric. 

Whether slightly torn, discolored or unfitting; it doesn’t matter. These techniques are expansive and accommodate every sort of problem you might be facing when it comes to your old pair of jeans.

Here are 20 ideas which you may follow to give a second period of utility to your favorite pair of jeans.

1. A Sharpie and Some Lace

1 diy jean makeover

A used pair of white jeans may be reinvented using just a sharpie and some lace. This method enables you to impart a design of your choice to your old and plain jeans. Floral, polka dots and tribal are just a few examples among various other designs you can choose from.

2. No-sew Studs along the edge

2 diy jean makeover


Rather than going through the process of sewing every stud meticulously; it’s a quicker alternative to buy strips of studs that you may cut and paste over your pair of used jeans to give it a more edgier appearance.

3. Studs along the seams

3 diy jean makeover


Instead of confining your creativity to the edges; you can also choose to stick these studs along the seams of the jeans and make them run down its entire length. 

4. Beads & Pearls

4 diy jean makeover


Beads and pearls are in most DIY enthusiasts’ inventories. Fetch them out of your drawers and glue them at the cuffs to give off a new bejeweled and fancy look. Pearls make your jeans seem immediately more fashionable and chic.

5. Pearls down the Legs

5 diy jean makeover


If you’re feeling more fancy than usual, you might lean in more towards the idea of having the entire leg space sprinkled with pearls. It sets an imposing fashion statement wherever you may choose to rock these revived jeans.

6. Combine different pairs

6 diy jean makeover


With this technique, you can combine two or more old pairs of jeans in your closet, mix them into one spectacular piece. The patches of different shades of jeans will really draw attention towards you.

7. Faded Animal Print

7 diy jean makeover


This daring design isn’t found on most jeans these days. It shows that you aren’t shy to make a statement and having a jean recycled into this type of pattern will really make your wardrobe more versatile.

8. Lip-Prints

8 diy jean makeover


While we are still discussing prints, the extremely popular lip pattern is always a good idea on any kind of jeans. It looks trendy and the design is definitely enticing.

9. Fabric Paint

9 diy jean makeover


Bring out your creativity by using fabric paints to paint an abstract design. The only limit is your imagination. This DIY helps you personalize your jeans as per your fashion sense.

10. Patterned Handkerchiefs

10 diy jean makeover


Patterned handkerchiefs are a great way to bring out an extra dimension of creativity when it comes to redesigning jeans. Stitch them along the insides of your jeans to produce a satisfying result.

11. Fabric Paint to add a new color

11 diy jean makeover


Rather than using fabric paint to draw patterns or shapes, another alternative would be to paint the whole base of the old jeans and give it two contrasting, yet fun, colors which will highlight the funky side of your personality.

12. Fringe the Hem

12 diy jean makeover

The base of your recycled jeans could also be stitched with fringes that sway with each step that you take. This is a unique DIY hack which will garner you a lot of attention.

13. Pom-pom Ribbons

13 diy jean makeover


If the last method wasn’t chic enough; pom-pom ribbons fluttering in the wind and hanging by your side every step of the way is also another alternative you can pursue.

14. Asymmetrical Trend

14 diy jean makeover


This concept challenges the concept that dictates symmetry is beautiful and manages to make a very strong case for itself. With the contrasting aesthetic each leg offers, this DIY is more of a work of art than just a hack.

15. Fancy Pocket

15 diy jean makeover


Back pockets are often huge and therefore they offer a good canvas you can use to bring out your fashionable side. Either the back pocket may be glued with glitter to make it look glamorous. Or you can also use a fabric painter to draw a design over it.

16. Polka-dot patterns

16 diy jean makeover


Polka dots have been a trademark fashion design for quite some time now. And you can replicate that design and make it reflect on your old pair of jeans to give it complete makeover.

17. Tie-Dye

17 diy jean makeover


Tie-dyeing your jeans can produce various fascinating results that will certainly make your jeans look even better than they used to.

18. Bleach Tie-Dye

18 diy jean makeover


Tie-dying may also be done by dipping the pair of jeans in bleach. The results are more vivid through this procedure than the previous.

19. Cherry Blossom Jeans

19 diy jean makeover


This seriously cool looking effect isn’t really as difficult to recreate as it may look. And the results are well worth any effort.

20. Knee Cut

20 diy jean makeover


The easiest way to give a new look to your jeans is to run a blade through the knees, giving it a distressed makeover.

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