15 Solutions You Will Not To Throw Away Your Favorite Things

Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

When our most precious things are broken or damaged, the first thing we do is curse our luck and then bury them in the bottom of the trash can. But it is not necessary to reach that extreme; With a little creativity, your broken objects can become much better.

We find some examples of ingenious repairs; It’s time to let your imagination fly, take glue, markers and everything that is within your reach to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. These are 15 quick solutions to not throw what you love the most.

1. Give a bright touch to your worn heels

Worn heels covered with glitter

2. To fix the seat you only need colored tape

Bicycle seat lined with tape

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3. A piece of cloth can make them go through new

Piece of cloth flowered in flats destroyed by the use

4. Add color to the glue to join the pieces

Painting on the cries of a broken cup

5. Hide the rips of your sofa with a bit of lace

The lace placed for armchair rips

6. Place small pieces of mosaic on the affected part

Decoration for cracked house mirror

7. If you are an artist, try to do this with your car

Man painting the bump of his car

8. Replace the wood with acrylic and give it an avant-garde touch

Chairs are broken and completed with a piece of acrylic

9. A fun way to hide rips

Quick solution for torn pants

10. Cut your old CDs into small pieces and stick them in the bird troughs

pieces of disc covering an old ceramic plate

11. Get belts and create a new seat

The seat of a chair created with belts

12. Place buttons on the worn parts of your sofa

The torn part of a sofa covered with buttons

13. With golden thread, hides the cracks of porcelain objects

Jarron has broken and stuck with golden threads

14. Your planters do not have to go to the trash if you can give them another use

Flower pot broke and repaired creatively

15. A fun way to hide cracks in doors

Stiker by jack nicholson stuck in a door

creative reused diy projects