Everything You Need to Know About Salt Grinders

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What’s a salt mill?

Why it is the best way to bring out your true cooking ethic. You may have heard of all these fancy new ways to season food but do you know what they mean for flavor and taste?

A salt mill isn’t just about adding seasoning; the salt grinders can add texture as well with its course grind that will turn any dish into an authentic masterpiece!

Salt grinders are a kitchen staple for many people. Salt is an essential ingredient in cooking, and it isn’t easy to cook without one of these handy tools. So, we thought this post would be perfect for you! In the paragraphs below, you will learn everything there is to know about salt grindings – from how they work to what types are best suited to different kinds of cooking. After reading this article, we hope that you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to make your next salt grinder purchase!

How does a salt mill work?

salt grinders

Have you ever wondered how to grind salt? A specialized mechanism in a salt mill breaks up the dry crystals of table salt into smaller pieces. The metal used for grinding with pepper mills is too soft so it erodes, while this machine’s stainless steel blades are strong enough to break down even peppercorns!

I think you have got an idea of how it works. Let’s discuss the difference between pepper vs salt mill. Let’s get started.

Pepper vs Salt Mill – what’s the difference?

A salt mill and a pepper mill are both different in how they grind the spices inside.

Pepper mills and salt mills are made of different materials. A pepper mill is made of steel and a salt mill is made from ceramic. Do not put water into your pepper mill because it will rust the steel.

Salt has the power to corrode or oxidize steel, making it important not only that you don’t use an empty pepper mill for salt but also what materials your salts mill is made of. Stainless steel isn’t resistant to corrosion from salt! The best material for a salt grinder would be ceramic–it’s durable and doesn’t get damaged by the salty spices.

 What type of salt do we use in a salt mill?

The perfect type of crystal for this job are large crystals like Sea Salt Crystals because they provide a burst of delicate gourmet flavor when sprinkled over any food with ease!


One advantage of salt grinders is that they are adjustable. You can make them very fine or large crystals.

It can depend on the effect you want. For example, if you are trying to season popcorn with salt, then use very fine salt. If you are garnishing a steak, then it is good to use large pieces of salty food because it will crunch when someone bites into it.

With small crystals, you will have more surface area. This means that the taste buds on your tongue will touch it more often and it will also dissolve into liquids quickly. Most people like to use larger crystals sometimes because they give a good flavor for some dishes, and can also look nice when you present them too.

Salt & Pepper mill type

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Salt and pepper mills come in different styles. There are three main types of salt and pepper mills: twist-top, lever operated, or electric.

Twist top mills are people’s favorite. Some mills have two reservoirs in one. The seasoning comes out according to where you point the dial. Most mills have it at the top

In addition to the dial at the top of the grinder, there is also one at its base. With single units, matching them as a set is often seen (though alternate colors can be mixed). The two grinders work in very different ways—different materials, a different scent for each. You can’t make the mistake of putting salt in a peppermill because that will corrode the salts.

There are many kinds of pepper mills. There are metal, plastic, and wooden mills. Some turn with a handle on the top while others have a round cap on the top for turning. On the top or the bottom, there is a tightening device. That makes different grinds. Small, medium and large grinds are most common.


We hope this helps clarify the salt grinders. Of course, salt is a staple in all kitchens. We know that you want the best of what’s out there to make your food taste delicious and fresh! That’s why the mill Peugeot offers our large selection of Peugeot pepper mills and salt grinders at discounted prices so you can enjoy them while cooking up some true delights for your family or friends.