Tips for Choosing Toys for Your Child

Last Updated on March 13, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

It’s quite unbelievable how much kids can learn while playing. The stuff that we put in the hands of our little ones can give them insight into the world that surrounds them, but they can make them develop their skills and their personality too. That’s why it is extremely important to think carefully about the choices we make for them. Here are some tips that can help you pick up the perfect items for your little ones to play with.

best tips choosing toys for child

Choose toys that can be used in multiple ways

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Children’s imagination is endless. That’s why you should purchase playing items that can help them build different scenarios and worlds they can be engaged in later.

Lego or wooden blocks are perfect in that matter because kids will have the opportunity to create all those different things they are interested in. They will not get bored with these items, and they will use the same things over and over again with great enthusiasm.

Focus on problem-solving pieces

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If you are looking for perfect toys for kids, you should probably go with some exciting pieces that will make them think and figure out stuff on their own.

Toys like puzzles, play dough, shape-sorters, etc. will occupy their attention for quite some time, and make them practice their skills and develop them further at the same time. That’s extremely important in the domain of hand-eye coordination and fine motor and cognitive skills.

Pick the toys they will love

Don’t forget that after all, playtime should be exactly that, a fun and exciting time where kids can just enjoy themselves with their favorite toys. So buy them an action figure, plastic animal, doll, trucks, and trains you know they will be thrilled to have. There are still things they can learn while playing with those, and you will be pleased to know they won’t be able to get enough of these objects for quite some time.

Let kids play with “real” stuff

Children simply love touching things they are not supposed to, like the remote controller, knives, mobile phones, etc. They have an urge to figure out what those things are for, and you really shouldn’t discourage them, but also, you should not give them to play with those real objects too. So the best solution is to put the toy copies of these items in front of them and explain to them how they work. They will be thrilled for sure.

Make them be more active

Today’s kids are not active enough. They spend a lot of time inside the house, with the smart devices in their hands. You really should consider making some changes there. Give them balls and teach them how to play with them. Teach them how to ride a tricycle, how to shoot in a basket hoop, how to enjoy the kids gardening tools or bowling set.

Encourage cross-generational playtime

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If you are looking for a way to spend time with your little ones, some board games that are created for the adults too can be a perfect choice.

We are talking about those games and toys that don’t involve reading and are based on using memory, for example. Those things will encourage thinking, counting, self-control, listening, and relationship-building skills.


This is certainly an important subject, and you should do some research before going shopping for a new toy, but don’t go too far with it.

It’s good for children to learn and develop themselves while playing, but it’s also okay if it’s all just about having fun sometimes. So make a good balance, encourage them to embrace their imagination, challenge them with some interesting toys, but also let them have fun with their favorite toys as well.